This Compact Off-Road Truck Camper Is Ready for Anything

Can fit to almost any truck and is ready to go over any terrain.

truck camper off road aterra xl
Aterra XL

If you're dreaming of off-road camping, we have some new fantasy fodder for you. Arizona-based AT Overland has just debuted their new Aterra XL truck camper at Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, Arizona (an event which also saw Nissan launch some sweet overlanding accessories for the Frontier, in case you were curious).

The Aterra XL, designed by Tern Overland and built by AT Overland, is a futuristic-looking off-road truck camper that uses a lightweight fiber-reinforced thermoplastic honeycomb composite shell. AT Overland says the Aterra XL be "suitable for all seasons and full-time overlanding for two + pet." (We presume the pet in this scenario is a dog.)

The Aterra XL interior is optimized for comfort and storage. There's a queen mattress above the truck cab, with three-inch-thick upholstered foam and travel springs. The company sought to include best-in-class appliances such as a Truma VarioHeat comfort heater, a Truma Aqua Go on-demand water heater and a Dometic flush-mount two-burner sink and stove combo with a glass top.

Rooftop solar panels generate 400 watts of power to charge a 105-Ah lithium-ion battery. (Sadly, the solar setup precludes adding a roof rack.) The camper also has a 30-gallon freshwater tank, indoor and outdoor Sagiv shower hookups and a Wrappon Trekker waterless toilet system.

off road camper
Aterra XL
aterra xl
Aterra XL

The Aterra XL is pictured on a a Ram 3500, but you can fit it to any full-size pickup that can accommodate an 80x80 flatbed. That said, non-heavy duty trucks may require a beefed-up suspension to accommodate the extra load.

Pricing, as one would expect from all things overlanding vehicle-related, can get a bit steep. Conversions begin at $69,000 and don't include the cost of the pickup itself or installing the flatbed. Also, just so you know — the lead time for a build is 25–30 weeks, and reserving a slot requires a 50 percent deposit.


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