BMW's Future Kicks Off in Earnest in 2025, Report Claims

Get ready for an icon like you've never seen it before.

bmw i vision circular

Like just about every other automaker these days, BMW is in the process of launching a flurry of new electric cars. Both the new iX crossover and the i4 sedan are due to arrive next year — but those vehicles, running on BMW's current hybrid CLAR architecture, will be part of a transitional period. Sure, they're still be incredibly capable, but BMW is a bit compromised on what they can do with them — as the platforms also need to accommodate a traditional combustion powertrain.

The new era for BMW will happen when the manufacturer launches its first dedicated EV platform in 2025. According to Autocar, BMW will reach back to use an iconic name from its history, "Neue Klasse," to describe the platform — and kick things off with an electric version of its most iconic vehicle, the 3 Series sedan. It's not clear what the new vehicle will be named; BMW already had an i3. However, BMW has reportedly given it NK1 as a working title.

The NK1 (or Electric 3) will be BMW's fourth EV sedan, after the i4, i5 and i7 launch on the current platform. According to the report, it will be available in rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive versions. Autocar suggests the new car will borrow from the i3's avant-garde styling. And BMW will be targeting around 435 miles of range under WLTP, which should translate to about 388 miles under EPA testing. It will also employ sustainable materials such as seating made from recycled plastic.

The Neue Klasse platform, which is scalable and will underpin a range of vehicles, should offer many advantages from an EV-centric design. The cars can have a flat floor instead of the center tunnel required for the combustion components. The vehicles should also gain more space horizontally with a longer wheelbase and the A-pillar pushed forward. The shift will also allow BMW to incorporate new EV powertrains, batteries, and rapid charging capacity more optimally.

According to the report, BMW won't phase out the combustion 3 Series alongside it. Like the Porsche Macan, a new combustion 3 Series may be sold alongside it.


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