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The Easiest Way to Get Into a Porsche Is With a New Pair of Adidas

Of all the products car brands attach their name to, Porsche Design, without a doubt, puts out the classier stuff.

Porsche Design and Adidas have a near-decade-long history of getting together and creating minimalist-style shoes that Porsche Design says “continues to set the footwear standard for luxurious sport performance technology.” Whether that standard-setting is true or not, there’s no denying that they’re certainly some of the better-looking running shoes on the market. They are, though, without a doubt the classiest examples of automotive-branded products.

Of the four new models that are available for in Fall/Winter collection, they all share a similar all-black color way and a heel and arch suspension system with an equally pared down design. When you consider the spectrum of products car brands attach their name to (Mopar BBQ sauce, Camaro pool table), what Porsche Design puts out — like the shisha pipe or sunglasses — always tends to be something you wouldn’t mind owning because it actually looks nice. That’s classic Deutsche design language for you.

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