The Ford Maverick Could Turn Into Its Own Brand, Just Like the Bronco

More Maverick vehicles may be in the works.

ford maverick

Ford should have a hit with the Maverick. It's a fun, cool-looking small pickup truck. It's super practical. And in base spec, the Maverick packs a 2.5-liter hybrid that earns 42 mpg. And that version has a nominal starting MSRP under $20,000, making it the cheapest hybrid on sale in the United States.

According to Ford CEO Jim Farley, Maverick is only just getting started. In an interview with Automotive News, he confirmed Ford is looking at branching Maverick out into its own sub-brand with multiple Maverick vehicles. "I think Maverick will be a new franchise," Farley said. "It's a $20,000 hybrid vehicle and the response has been completely out of control. Could we make other affordable vehicles as a Maverick family? Yes, of course we could."

It's unclear whether Ford will create independent Maverick retailers or give Maverick a Built Wild-like tagline. But there are some definite niches in the Ford lineup that Maverick-branded vehicles could fill beyond adding a more rugged Maverick Timberline.

A Maverick-branded SUV feels like an obvious move. Ford is phasing out its entry-level EcoSport crossover, which is the precise sort of bland, featureless affordable car Ford trotted out the Maverick to destroy. A well-designed, affordable and still fun SUV with new branding and the Maverick's hybrid powertrain should work well.

electric ford maverick silhouette

The other clear move would be a Maverick EV. Ford teased a small truck silhouette when it was discussing new EV platforms. It looks more Maverick-like than Ranger-like. And Ford has hinted it's a Maverick. The relatively affordable, entry-level EV market resembles the entry-level combustion car market. Offerings like the Chevy Bolt or Nissan Leaf are fine but not very fun. One could see a stripped-down electric truck being a popular alternative.

Of course, the first step to building a Maverick sub-brand is getting the current Maverick to customers. The hybrid base model that makes the Maverick an exciting value proposition is sold out and can't be ordered until next summer. And while enthusiasts can wait for their hardtop Broncos, many affordable cars who would be Maverick buyers will need a vehicle right away.


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