Ford's Super-Cheap Truck May Offer a Rugged Off-Road Version

A report says Ford's new Maverick pickup could get some sweet off-roading mods.

ford maverick leaked production shot
Maverick Truck Club

In exciting news for everyone out there who goes into mild shock when they see the average new car price these days, Ford is coming out with an eagerly-anticipated new compact, affordable, unibody pickup truck that will reportedly be called the Maverick.

Recently leaked photos suggest the truck will look great (and there's no better evidence for those leaks being legitimate than Ford urging its suppliers to stop leaking photos of its sexy new prototypes). Now, in news that will heighten the excitement even further, Ford Authority reports that the Maverick will offer a tough off-road trim.

According to the report, the affordable compact pickup truck will receive a rugged Timberline trim — one along the lines of the Timberline trims reportedly bound for the Explorer and Expedition in the next couple of years. The trim level will allegedly offer an upgraded suspension, blacked-out wheels and Pirelli Scorpion all-terrain tires. Ford will also reportedly alter the Maverick Timberline's front and rear fasciae, in order to improve approach and departure angles.

Ford's challenge with the Maverick, of course, will be making a small affordable car-based vehicle feel like a legitimate Ford truck. A more rugged trim is in line with every trend happening in the pickup world right now, so it would be an absolute no-brainer.

As with the Bronco Sport, the question is not how Ford truck owners will react to the Maverick; it's whether the Maverick can be a more exciting and compelling option than its direct competitors. It's easy to see something that looks and feels like a truck peeling buyers away from ubiquitous sedans, hatchbacks and crossovers. At the very least, the Maverick should be an upgrade over Ford's current offering in that budget space, the EcoSport.


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