5 of the Most Highly Anticipated Cars Heading to the 2017 Tokyo Auto Show

Replacements for legends like the Subaru WRX and Honda S2000 are almost guaranteed.


Over the past couple of months, car manufacturers like Honda, Toyota and Subaru have slowly but surely been revealing to the public what they plan to bring to the 2017 Tokyo Auto Show. Sure, there’s plenty of talk about hybrid powertrains, but the half-electric powerplants aren’t the weaklings they once were — so stop bringing up the Prius. Manufacturers are now hiding the efficient, yet powerful technology in sportscars and off-roaders, where the instant torque from the batteries can be put to use. It’s an exciting time for the industry and this year’s Tokyo Auto Show is poised to provide the best glimpse of the future yet. Here are five of the most hotly anticipated cars making their way to Tokyo later this month.

Subaru Viziv Performance Concept

The next-generation WRX that this concept might hint at isn’t expected on the road until 2020. When you consider the current WRX only went on sale in 2016, it makes sense. What Subaru really wants to show off with the Viziv Performance Concept is the evolution of its design ethos — and, most importantly, its driver-assist technology, which should be road ready by 2020. Coincidence?

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Toyota GR HV Sports Concept

What you’re really looking at here is Toyota hinting at the direction it would like to take its sports cars. Toyota is drawing inspiration directly from its Le Mans racer: the headlights and a few aero tweaks to the state-of-the-art hybrid powertrain, to name a few. The looks are debateable, but possible performance is not.

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Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept

Now that adventure vehicles are finding footing in the mainstream market, Toyota wants to ride that wave. Is the TJ Cruiser concept boxy and a little rough around the edges? Yes. But so is the Defender and Wrangler. What Toyota have here is a work van that’s ready for the trails. And we all kow how good that formula can be.

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2019 Suzuki Jimny

Back in August, images of the Suzuki Jimny snuck their way onto the internet and caused quite a stir ahead of this year’s Tokyo Auto Show. Although Suzuki has all but disappeared from U.S. soil, it’s nice to see the Japanese brand still dedicating funds to the pint-sized off-roader. Suzuki and the Jimny were never rock stars on our side of the Atlantic, and since the brand ceased car sales here back in 2012, don’t bet on them sending this over. Which is a shame now that small adventure vehicles have grown in popularity as of late.

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Honda Sports EV Concept

This, honestly, is the car Honda should’ve been builing for years. It’s rumored to be the successor to either the S2000 or the Prelude. Either way it will be a small, fun, quick little sports car you know won’t disappoint — so long as they inject some of the Civic Type-R into it.

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