Toyota Will Have the Best Looking Luxury Car at this Year’s Tokyo Auto Show

You have likely never heard of the Toyota Century before, but you’ll definitely want one.


You have likely never heard of the Toyota Century before and that’s probably because it’s only available in Japan and this is just the second time the car has been updated since it started carting diplomats and dignitaries around in 1967.

Lexus may be Toyota’s luxury arm but the Century has been around since before the sub-brand and there’s no way Toyota would scrap such an iconic car name like the Century, especially on its home soil. What makes the Centruy truly special, is that even with the Toyota badge, the Century out does any Lexus model where prestige and luxury are concerned.

On the outside, there are clear whiffs of Rolls-Royce in the design, but the Century has sort of always followed closely to Rolls sedans in terms of looks. On the inside, however, the Century has a style all its own with open-pore wood trim and 100 percent wool upholstery. Reclining rear seats and folding leg rests are accompanied by a writing table, reading light, rear seat entertainment system. It’s okay if you’re starting to feel a little jealous at this point.

The biggest change going into 2018, though, will be the 5.0-liter V8 hybrid engine replacing the old 280-horsepower V12. There’s no word on output, but rest assured, it’ll be considerably more than a paltry 280 horses.

Maybe in 25 years, we’ll start this Japanese Rolls-Royce on U.S. soil.

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