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Chevy May Already Be Testing Its Most Insane New Corvette Yet

It should arrive in a few years, and it could pack around 850 horsepower.

corvette z06 2023

Chevy is in the midst of fleshing out the Corvette lineup. First, we had the base Stingray model; then Chevy debuted the insane Z06 version with its record-setting naturally-aspirated V8. GM has since confirmed a hybrid version, likely packing 600-plus horsepower, will arrive next year. And now, new spy shots show a 'Vette mule testing what may be the wildest version yet: the new Corvette ZR1.

Muscle Cars & Trucks has some reported details on the new ZR1. It should arrive for the 2025 or 2026 model year, and it will most likely be the most powerful rear-wheel drive, combustion-powered Corvette that Chevy ever builds. Indeed, with the plans to go all-electric by 2035, the C8 ZR1 could potentially be the last pure combustion-powered Corvette to be unveiled.

According to MC&T, the ZR1 will use a higher output version of the Z06's 5.5-liter flat-plane V8. Instead of being naturally aspirated, the ZR1 will add twin turbochargers to the mix for around 850 horsepower. Like other Corvette variants, that engine will use an eight-speed automatic.

The ZR1 will allegedly have unique front and rear fascia. Like the Z06, its exhaust tips will reportedly be mounted in the center. MC&T says the ZR1 will also use the same tires as the Z06 with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S treads on the base model and Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2R tires for the sportier versions.

As bonkers as the ZR1 sounds, it won't be the halo version of the C8 Corvette. That's expected to be the Zora, which will add a hybrid component to the ZR1's powertrain for an expected total of around 1,000 horsepower. And it's possible the upcoming Ultium-powered Corvette could push the brand even further toward hypercardom.


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