Dodge May Deliver One Last Absurd Hellcat for the Road

And it will have an interesting twist.

2021 dodge challenger srt super stock the newest dodge drag racing machine with 807 horsepower is the world’s quickest and most powerful muscle car

Dodge is finally joining the modern automotive era. The brand is phasing out its Hemi V8 engines by 2024 and converting to "eMuscle" for its performance cars with smaller displacement hybrid and full-electric powertrains. But Dodge may give its "brotherhood of muscle" one last super high-performance, limited-run version of the Challenger Hellcat Redeye before it departs for good.

Previous Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye special editions have been tuned to hit nearly 900 horsepower when running on 100-plus octane race fuel. Mopar Insiders reports that Dodge will build a Hellcat Redeye that can run on E85 — gasoline mixed with 51–83% corn-based ethanol. The total output would be more than 850 horsepower, substantially more than the 797-hp Hellcat Redeye.

E85 became popular in the 2000s to promote energy independence and help farmers by running on American-grown corn. It produces fewer emissions per gallon than regular gasoline. And as many will have noticed in our present gas crisis, it's cheaper than traditional gasoline.

However, it's also dramatically less efficient than conventional gasoline; E85-compatible full-size trucks can lose 5–6 mpg running on it. And a recent USDA-funded study found it to be worse for the environment than gasoline when you factor in land use for corn cultivation and processing.

In terms of 2022 road cars, E85 compatibility is mostly offered for Ford and GM trucks and vans. The only unibody vehicle with it available is the Ford Explorer. But using E85 could be fitting for the Challenger Hellcat Redeye, as one of the side effects of E85 is improved acceleration and performance. Indy Cars currently run on a modified version of E85 — though the series will switch to sustainable fuel next year.

The fuel economy using E85 on a Hellcat Redeye may be even more abysmal. But if you're buying a Hellcat Redeye, you probably don't care about that.


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