An Iconic American Sedan Could Return as a Cool New Electric Car

And it could pack a wild amount of power.

2022 chrysler 300 in a dark studio background

Believe it or not, Chrysler still sells the 300 sedan. Noting that it's getting up there in years would be an understatement; the current second-generation has been in production since 2010. That version was a modified version of the first generation, which debuted with Snoop Dogg-approved fanfare back in 2004. And even that model featured some Mercedes pieces dating back to the 1990s.

But according to the Australian outlet Drive, Chrysler may be planning to breathe new life into the 300. Its next replacement, reportedly a trendier liftback body style arriving in 2025 or 2026, will allegedly be a fully electric sedan. And, at least in theory, it could be absolutely wild — with some tech from Citroën's DS brand making its way across the pond.

The Chrysler 300's replacement would run on Stellantis's new STLA Large EV platform. The car would be capable of housing 201 hp and 442 hp electric motors on either axle. So that could mean front-wheel, rear-wheel or all-wheel-drive capability...and potentially, a nearly 900-hp version with two large motors that could accelerate from 0-60 mph in two seconds. The vehicle would be capable of packing more than 100 kW worth of battery power and potentially achieve a range of 500 miles.

The report says the next-generation Chrysler 300 — or whatever it ends up being called — will be Chrysler's second electric vehicle, launching after the production version of the new Airflow crossover concept. Both cars could breathe new life into a Chrysler brand that many predicted would be axed following the Stellantis merger, after its lineup had devolved into just the Pacifica minivan and the 300 sedan.


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