Ketterer Motorhome Custom

Now THIS is how you roadtrip


One look at the Ketterer Motorhome Custom and you’ll view RV’s in a whole new light. This, gents, is the luxury coach that dreams are made of. Built from the ground up using a Mercedes-Benz truck chassis, the Ketterer Custom can be built to spec with such creature comforts as a master bedroom with requisite king sized bed, full bathroom with shower and bathtub for those Calgon kind of days, full kitchen with seating for five, and our personal favorite, a rear garage with enough room for a Smart ForTwo for the mini-jaunts to refill on Grey Poupon and finger sandwiches. You can even throw in the double pop out feature, which allows you to expand your living space. Just make sure to retract them before you pull any daring passing maneuvers. Custom mobi-mansion not your thing? Ketterer will gladly offer you up one of their Professional Luxury Trucks with matching trailer (pictured bottom) outfitted with everything on planet Earth. As for pricing, well let’s just say we prefer to keep this a dream, not a nightmare.

Price: By Request

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