2012 Porsche Cayman S Black Edition

How do you say "Ninja" in German?


Fact: silver is not the new black. Black never left. One need only look at the numerous special black edition cars emerging from the darkness these days for confirmation. Porsche is clearly no exception to this, with the new 2012 Cayman S Black Edition. With a 10 horsepower bump to 330, the 3.4 liter flat six will get to 60 a sliver faster than the standard Cayman S. You can rope through the gears with the standard 6-speed manual (our preference) or opt for the dual clutch PDK (is it possible to have two preferences?), which actually drops a couple tenths of a second off the acceleration clock. Performance is further enhanced by the suspension upgrades, 19″ wheels and fat 235 front and 263 rear rubber. Color options. Well, there’s black and black, inside and out. Tough choice. Okay, so at least the headlights are white. Look for a limited run of 500 beauties starting this July. Something tells us a good number have already been spoken for.

Price: $68,450

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