This Throwback RC Bronco 4×4 Will Make You the Coolest Kid on the Block

Classic Ford Broncos — even small ones — with cool graphics are seventeen times as badass


Let’s get two things out of the way: classic Ford Broncos are badass as hell, and classic Ford Broncos with cool graphics are seventeen times as badass. A properly outfitted Bronco will crawl over the gnarliest of terrains or drop jaws at your local car show — or, if you’d like to be tasteless, execute a pretty lame car chase. Problem is, having a massive, off-road capable truck is an impediment to people with normal lives and/or normal-sized garages. Which is why the Traxxas TRX-4 Remote Control 1979 Ford Bronco exists.

This is the (officially licensed) Bronco in all its A-Team-esque glory, replete with red of “Sunset” graphics. It’s detailed enough to look the business even on a small scale and is outfitted to likely be more capable than whatever actual vehicle is parked in your driveway. Thanks to tiny portal axles, which in real life are seriously intimidating off-road hardware, the Traxxas Bronco features a rock-crawling clearance with relatively normal tires and an adjustable wheelbase. Differentials on the truck lock remotely, and there’s high and low transmission gear to achieve your off-road destiny. I couldn’t be more into this little truck, so if you pick one of these up “for your kids,” at least send pictures.

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