Ford Will Open 2023 Bronco Ordering: Everything You Need to Know

You'll have to act fast.

ford bronco everglades

Ford scored a smash hit with the Bronco. But since its launch back in 2021, it has been a tough vehicle to buy. Ford was swamped with orders at launch. A myriad of supply chain issues — including but not limited to the chip shortage and roof production problems — has kept Ford from filling them promptly. The result — like the F-150 Lightning and Maverick — has been closed reservation books and lengthy waits for those holding a reservation.

Ford is about to reopen the order books for the 2023 Bronco. But there are a few catches. Here’s what you need to know.

ford bronco everglades

Come Monday; you’ll be able to order a Bronco.

Ford has confirmed they are reopening the books for the 2023 model year on March 27, 2023. But you’ll have to act fast to order a Bronco; the order books only stay open for 24 hours. And you won’t be able to order every type of Bronco.

Which 2023 Broncos won’t you be able to order?

Ford confirmed that the production of manual transmission Broncos has been paused for the rest of the 2023 model year. The same pause will apply to the tough-mudding Everglades trim and the base model Bronco. Ford Authority reports that ordering specific Bronco options — the Sasquatch package, the Lux Package and the molded-in color hardtop — may be constrained.

Why is Ford limiting the Bronco trims?

Ford told Road and Track the changes are part of the preparation to launch the 2024 Ranger in America. The Bronco and Ranger are heavily related and will be built on the same line at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant. Ford is “maximizing commonality on the assembly line” to facilitate both the launch of the Ranger and as many Broncos to reservation holders as possible.

ford bronco everglades
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How long will the changes last?

Ford has confirmed the changes will be in effect for the 2023 model year. If that timeline holds, the affected Broncos should return when 2024 production starts during the late 2023 calendar year.

Did the 2023 Ford Bronco get more expensive?

It appears so. The Bronco6G forum uncovered a document that shows price increases ranging from $500 to $1,250 for the Wildtrak and Heritage Edition models. The document says pricing should be protected on orders placed before March 14, 2023 and in Ford’s system by March 20, 2023.

You can still buy a Bronco from the dealer inventory, right?

Yes, in theory. But be wary of dealer markups and dealer markups on lightly used Broncos that no longer have an MSRP and are going for more than new ones.

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