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Essential Gear For an Overland Adventure

You’ve got your camping supplies and your truck — now here’s the gear to keep from getting stranded.

couple standing on top of a 4x4 while camping during the blue hour
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“It’s not about the destination, but rather the journey” — or something like that — is the age-old maxim. If that’s true, and if you’re a gearhead, really there’s no more satisfying way to journey than via expedition-ready overland rig. And as manufacturers continue to offer up off-road-ready vehicles straight from the factory, the call of the overland trip grows louder, and adventure arrives more easily.

If you’re ready to answer the call, there are a few things you should put on your shopping list. Aside from your basic camping gear, survival tools and your standard vehicle maintenance essentials, you’ll want an array of gear that will keep you high and dry (in a good way) and your truck or SUV from getting stranded. The list quickly becomes expensive, but it’s better to invest now than be stuck later.

This basic guide to overlanding gear isn't comprehensive, of course. Part of the fun of the hobby is the continuous refinement of one's kit: adding new gadgets and piece of equipment; swapping out entry-level gear for items designed for more experienced users as you gain confidence; finding better, higher-quality versions of supplies than you started out with. Still, the products here and the categories below should serve as an excellent starting point, giving you a chance to dip your toe (or heck, even your whole foot) into the overlanding pool.

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