The Cheap Vintage SUV You Forgot Existed Has So Much Potential

It could be an overlander, a charming grocery getter, a surf wagon and so much more.

International Harvester’s vintage trucks are something of a poorly kept secret amongst vintage car enthusiasts. The Scout, for example, became a favorite in recent years, though only after the prices of first-generation Broncos started skyrocketing. Similarly, as prices rise across the board on all vintage SUVs — form Fords, to Chevys, to Jeeps to Range Rovers to Toyotas — we must turn back to International’s charming vintage trucks for a suitable alternative that won’t cost you the price of a down payment on a decent home.

That’s what we have here, an International Travelall from 1973. The truck is most comparable to the Chevy Suburban of the same vintage, and as that’s getting more desirable this temptingly cheap Travelall feels like every bit as deserving an alternative. Like the Suburban, it’s a long, slab-sided wagon with obscene amounts of interior space inside and its ladder-on-frame chassis and carbureted V8 that are stupidly simple. It even has plaid seats which, to clarify, are very good.

Of course, it isn’t perfect. The seller notes the paint isn’t original, there’s some rust reaming in the wheel arches and by the windshield, the interior has seen better days and the handle on the tailgate is broken. Those seem to be the only issues though, and assuming this Travelall sells low, it’s more of a project than anything. A project that’s a bit more original than your typical Bronco or Land Rover build.

Think of the potential that the Travelall’s simplicity and space grants you. It could be a platform for a moving overland basecamp. Or you could simply restore it to be a charismatic machine to run errands in — imagine all the groceries and plywood you could fit back there! It could even make a sweet, SoCal surf wagon. The only limit, you see, is your imagination. And your wallet, I guess. Still, this one is sitting (as of writing) at $2,400 with just a few days to go. Won’t you give it the home and the life it deserves?

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