Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing Made a 1,600-Horsepower Boat

“You want to try feeling like this on land?” shouts a champion speed boat racer named Bud.

What’s it feel like to go 80 miles an hour on a custom Cigarette speedboat, built with a nod to Mercedes-AMG performance? It feels fast. Dangerously fast. Cheeks-flapping-in-the-sledgehammering-wind fast. “You want to try feeling like this on land?” shouts a champion offshore speed boat racer named Bud, who is captaining the behemoth in Miami’s Biscayne Bay. “Just go 100 in a convertible and stand up.” No, thank you.

The 41-foot boat skips along atop the water with surprising ease thanks to a lot of engineering smarts from the folks at Cigarette, a company synonymous with high-speed. It eyed the new Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S four-door coupe as inspiration for the 11th seafaring manifestation in the longstanding partnership between the two performance giants, and focused design efforts similarly to how Mercedes approaches its super saloons and coupes: it’s all about weight reduction.

Running throughout the AMG Carbon Edition boat is, unsurprisingly, a ton of carbon fiber. The hull features a sandwich construction technique that sees layers of carbon fiber laminates flanking a lightweight core, which provides rigidity, particularly helpful when the boat is skipping across the water at full tilt, nearing double-digit speed. The deck, roof lining, roof and rudder are also all carbon. The goal is, of course, to go fast, but as Bud points out, there’s little point to going fast if the boat handles poorly, so a lot of attention was paid to lowering the center of gravity on the boat to make it sit better and offer more dynamic handling.

In the back, four Mercury Racing 400R outboard engines, with 400 horses per, sync up to provide the extreme speed. When the throttle is wide open, and the 1,600 total horsepower kicks in, you’d better have something to hold onto. At this clip, we watched as the fuel efficiency display dropped to nearly zero, which begs the question about how much fill ups cost. “Around $1,200,” Bud says nonchalantly. If you have to ask if you can afford a Cigarette Racing boat, you definitely can’t afford a Cigarette Racing boat. Though if you have a spare $850,000, this teeth-chattering, grin-inducing, high-powered monster could be in your dock.

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