This Pocket Notebook Will Make You Want to Plan a Road Trip

Just the look of a Field Notes notebook is enough to keep one handy all the time and the new limited run “Mile Marker” Edition is no different.

Field Notes

Field Notes notebooks consistently find their way into our EDC with good design and real-world durability. Just the look of a Field Notes notebook is enough reason to keep one handy all the time, and the new limited-run “Mile Marker” Edition is no different.

The Mile Marker Edition celebrates the Dwight D. Eisenhower Highway System that helped connect all of America’s major cities back in the ’50s, which arguably kick-started America’s decades-long love for road-tripping.

If the three different covers of the Mile Marker Edition notebooks look familiar, then good — that means you pay attention to road signs when you’re driving. Each design takes direct inspiration from the governmental roadside furniture, right down to the same Pantone Toyo ink and use of holographic Crown Foil, as dictated by the official DOT Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. So they’re just as reflective and visible in headlights as an actual mile marker.

If a fresh, blank notebook begging for road notes isn’t enough to jump-start ideas for your next road trip, Field Notes is throwing in a 36-inch by 24.5-inch highway map with every one-year subscription. But since you’ll probably end up giving in and using Waze, Field Notes is printing a short-run version of the map on heavier stock, making it better for framing and appreciating. Plus, if the map is framed and hanging on a wall, you won’t have to worry about the guaranteed frustration of trying to fold the damn thing back up.

So now that you have a few new pages to scribble adventure memos in, the next question is “where to next?”

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