There’s a Reason This Stunning Porsche Is Relatively Affordable

When you find a ’70s Porsche with an outward appearance this spectacular, you can expect a price somewhere close to the six-figure range.

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Typically, when you find a ’70s Porsche with an outward appearance this spectacular, you can expect a price somewhere close to, if not well into the six-figure range. When there’s a $37,000 price tag, like this one currently has, your first question should naturally be “is there even an engine in it?” But, there’s a reason this 1977 Porsche 911S 3.2L is ridiculously affordable — it’s a stripped-out, raw, road-legal racecar.

The more expensive classic Porsche prices come down to numbers matching parts and Concours-level detailing and condition. In the Porsche community, anything less tends to drive the price down, hence why this fully blown-out hot rod hasn’t even crested the $50,000 mark — it’s filled to the brim with modern performance parts, and custom bodywork.

The amount of work and individual custom parts on this hot rod 911 are almost too much to list. The highlights are most definitely the 225 horsepower 3.2-liter M930 flat-six from a 911 Carrera tuned with a Steve Wong performance chip and the race headers and exhaust that broadcast the rear-engined symphony in and out of corners and up the highway on-ramps.

As for the interior, you’ll either need infinite patience and resolve or a serious masochistic side, because along with the full roll cage and paper-thin Sparco race seats, there’s lowered and stiffened suspension to ensure a direct connection to the road. And to make the around-town driving aspect a little more brutal, the gear ratios are shortened to optimize better acceleration, so that means you’ll constantly be ratcheting through the gears going block to block.

On the plus side, you’ll have a 1970s-looking Porsche that probably handles better than any other 911 from the same era. Sure, there are some serious concessions to be made, but once you firmly plant put your foot on the accelerator and round a few turns like you’re on rails, most of those complaints will drown out in the sonorous sound of the unfiltered straight-six. $37,000? Worth it.

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