This Adventure Trailer Doesn’t Need a Single Upgrade to Be Perfect for Camping

Even a bone-stock Trail Head trailer from Three Feathers Manufacturing will let you make camp in the comparative lap of luxury.


Off-road adventure trailers are some of the best ways to comfortably go camping off the grid without committing to a full-blown overlanding SUV or a behemoth of an adventure vehicle like an Earthroamer. You don’t need a gas-guzzling three-row family hauler to tow the relatively lightweight and affordable trailers — the average crossover will do just fine. The downside, though, is that these trailers usually come as a blank slate, waiting for you to outfit them with bedding, facilities and amenities.

The Three Feathers Manufacturing Trail Head trailer, however, bucks that trend. In fact, it comes fully equipped and adventure-ready. Half the battle of trying to escape on an off-road adventure for a few days is rounding up all the right gear, after all; not having the right amenities or utilities can make or break a camping trip. If you’re new to the lifestyle and starting from scratch with a shell of a trailer,starting off can be a daunting task — and that’s exactly the sort of challenge the Trail Head seeks to make easier.

The Three Feathers Trail Head is 15 feet long and tips the scales at 1,050 lbs — not exceptionally light for its segment, but that’s still an easy-to-manage size for a tow-behind off-road trailer. The biggest selling point for the Trail Head isn’t its size, though; it’s that everything you see on it comes included. The Trail Head comes equipped with the steel fenders, rub bars, awning, capacious rooftop tent, and a kitchen in the rear. On the inside, you get wood cabinets, linoleum flooring and a high-density mattress.

As well-equipped as the Three Feathers Trail Head is, there are still extra luxuries and custom options you can orderl as a result, pricing is available on an on-request basis. But even if you go with the cheapest version, you can rest easy knowing that a bone-stock Trail Head will still let you camp in the (relative) lap of luxury.

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