Jeep Mighty FC Concept

A thousand quarters for the air pump

Easter Jeep Safari

Looking like it could easily conquer a bog, a lunar landscape, or your neighbor’s perfectly coiffed shrubbery, the Jeep Mighty FC Concept is one of six concept vehicles recently revealed to the public for the Easter Jeep Safari. Built as a tribute to the old Jeep Forward Control, the Mighty FC (or “Mighty F*#ing Cool” in our book) is actually built on a current Wrangler Rubicon platform, though it looks like the furthest thing from. With an extended wheelbase and a serious “cab forward” (quite literally) design, the Mighty FC also makes use of massive axles that provide enough ground clearance to lightly graze Danny DeVito’s pate and the 40-inch tires certainly prevent you from hearing the yelp of tiny dogs as you back up with abandon. The only thing remotely girly about this beast is the somewhat poorly chosen powder blue paint job.

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