The 10 Awesome Cars That Owners Keep Longer Than Others

These are the cars owners can’t bear to part with.

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The website iSeeCars has released data on what vehicles owners keep the longest. It’s a formidable list of cars, trucks and SUV. Owners, it seems, really love their robust family SUVs and charming two-seat sports cars. (Many of them are favorites of Gear Patrol readers and writers alike, suggesting perhaps that we all have excellent taste.)

The Top 10 cars lingering around in garages are listed below.

1. Toyota Land Cruiser – 11.4 Years

It’s no surprise to see the Toyota Land Cruiser top this list. People buy them because of the build quality that keeps them running virtually forever. They accrue charm with age. Toyota seldom updates it, giving little reason to invest in a new one. Doing so is not cheap.

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2. Chevrolet Corvette – 10.5 Years

Two-seat sports cars tend not to be daily drivers, so wners likely aren’t concerned with updating them as frequently as they might with their regular vehicles. The new 2020 Corvette or perhaps a crazy discount on an outgoing model may have Vette owners rethinking that stance, however.

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3. Mercedes Benz SL-Class – 10.3 Years

It takes longer to make a Mercedes SL-Class feel outmoded than with most cars. Plus, buying a new one is expensive, and they depreciate quickly; once the resale value plummets, you might as well hang onto it.

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4. Audi TT – 10.2 Years

While not a performance beast, the Audi TT will be a future classic. It has sleek Bauhaus style and inimitable charm. That charm, perhaps, is the reason owners keep them running so long.

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5. Ford Expedition – 10.1 Years

Kids destroy new and lovely things. Buying one workhorse Expedition and riding it through the peak hauling years before downsizing is a sound strategy to avoid forking over big bucks for a new car over and over again.

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6. Ford Mustang – 10 Years

Most buyers are drawn to Mustangs for the timeless charm. Those characteristic looks and sound stay largely the same. Why upgrade? For the $10,000 racing stripes?

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7. Toyota 4Runner – 10 Years

The Toyota 4Runner‘s position is similar to the Land Cruiser. You buy it for its strength and durability. It accrues charm as it ages, and has strong resale value. Toyota has redone it only once since 2002, which is not an incentive to rush out and buy another.

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8. Porsche 911 – 9.9 Years

Porsche makes advancements with every new 911 generation. But buying a new Porsche is expensive. The 997-generation (2004-2012) cars are quite well regarded within the 911 lineage. Most are sparingly driven. Why make the transition?

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9. Toyota Sequoia – 9.9 Years

The Sequoia has the full-size family SUV factor, plus the Toyota build quality factor. Add in that Toyota last released an all-new one for the 2007 model year, and the reasons to trade it in are few.

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10. Toyota Avalon – 9.7 Years

The Avalon is an outlier on this list. It’s not a robust family hauler or a sports car. But, again, the purpose of buying a Toyota is to drive them into the ground. (The new one also went a bit too heavy with the grille size.)

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