Transform Your Jeep Gladiator into the Ideal Overlander With This Camping System

Get your Gladiator, Tacoma or Ranger ready to leave the grid with this camping system.

Ever hear of FiftyTen? No worries if not; it’s a German company, after all, and nobody expects you to stay up to speed with all the developments in European off-roading and camping gear. But now’s a good time to get acquainted. FiftyTen has started selling its truck camping systems through a U.S. dealer, and their mid-size pickup truck camping system is the perfect way to turn a Jeep Gladiator, Toyota Tacoma, Ford Ranger or other midsize truck into an impressive overlander.

FiftyTen’s system is simple, replacing the traditional truck bed with a flat tray. A detachable box with optional jack stands sits on top of said tray. Openings allow unfettered access to the box from three sides. The roof features a pop-up tent that can open or close with seconds, allowing an occupant to stand upright within the living space. If you’d rather not build yours out personally, FiftyTen’s U.S. dealer Goose Gear offers modular interior buildouts for the box on its website.

Pricing starts at $32,880 for FiftyTen’s midsize truck system. (A version for full-size trucks is also available, for $37,680.) Optional add-ons include a cargo box/tire carrier ($4,790) and a 271-degree awning ($1,890). Builds take approximately 10 weeks.

If FiftyTen’s offering is too pricey, you could consider the Summit Truck Topper from Adventure Trailers ($9,100), which offers a similar rooftop tent design. It’s a bit less functional with just one opening, but it’s less than one-third of the price — and doesn’t require removing the original truck bed, to boot.

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