Own a Honda Accord? Here Are 3 Cars You Should Consider Upgrading To

Three picks, each tailored for you depending on why you love that Accord.


Few cars on sale today blend comfort, convenience and playfulness quite like the Honda Accord. Now in its eighth generation, this family sedan has been winning hearts and minds here in America for more than 40 years, with millions upon millions gracing the roads over that time. Still, good as the Accord is, even loyal owners might reach a point where they start wondering what else is out there. Maybe they want more space, more power, more refinement; maybe they just want to try something new. We’re not here to judge, just to help you explore your options.

So if you’ve got an Accord parked in your driveway now but are thinking about taking a step up the automotive ladder, take heart: we’ve pulled together three cars that would make a great upgrade for about $10,000-$15,000 more than the $23,870–$36,100 that the Accord sells for.

If You Like How Roomy the Accord Is, Try the Toyota Avalon

Base Price: $35,800

Not long ago, the idea of recommending the Avalon to anyone under the age of 70 would have been absurd. When Toyota revealed the fifth generation version in 2018, however, it changed the game. The switch to the company’s new TNGA platform and Akio Toyoda’s maxim of “No more boring cars!” helped create an Avalon that was as capacious and comfortable as ever, but with an added dose of playfulness. (There’s even a TRD version now, for God’s sake.)

The styling may be a matter of taste — we’re fans of it, at least in person — but there’s no arguing with its comfortable ride, peppy 301-hp V6 and Lexus-grade interior, especially in higher trims.

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If You Like How Sporty the Accord Is, Try the Genesis G70

Base Price: $35,450

The third car out of Hyundai’s young luxury division is the sort of sporty sedan BMW would be proud to make. (Indeed, former BMW M division head Albert Biermann now runs the company’s R&D.) Like the Accord, the G70 is well-made, laden with convenient features and pleasing to drive.

Unlike the front-wheel-drive Honda, though, it comes in rear- and all-wheel-drive, which lets it put the power down more effectively (and more entertainingly). There’s a twin-turbo V6 option for those who want sports car acceleration. And if you’re one of the few people who bought an Accord with the turbocharged 252-hp 2.0-liter inline-four and a six-speed manual and loves it, great news: You can buy a G70 with a turbocharged 252-hp 2.0-liter inline-four and a six-speed manual for about seven grand more.

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If You Like That the Accord Is a Honda, Try the Passport

Base Price: $31,990

We may roll our eyes and sigh when we think about how many people are trading in sedans for SUVs, but there are some advantages to SUV life that are hard to contest. Modern crossovers are easier to climb in and out of, and offer a commanding view that leaves drivers feeling empowered. Still, Honda has some of the highest brand loyalty in the industry, so it stands to reason that many buyers might not like to leave the brand behind when they ditch their sedan.

The Honda Passport has more ground clearance than the Accord, an all-wheel-drive system designed to handle varied terrain, and nearly three times the cargo space behind its second row as the sedan has in its trunk. It can even tow a small Airstream. Good luck finding an Accord that can do that.

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