The Ford Transit Can Now Be Your All-American, All-Wheel-Drive Camper Van

Ford is offering an AWD version of the Transit for 2020. It’s already being modded into a camper van.

For the 2020 model year, Ford at long last added an all-wheel-drive version of the Transit van to its lineup. Not surprisingly, this has delightful implications for anyone planning on using FoMoCo’s rig for #vanlife:  American company VanDOit is already customizing them into camper vans, in the form of their new VanDOit LIV model.

VanDOit’s modular system can offer a wide range of functionality and multipurpose use. The key feature is the bed platform: it’s on a hydraulic lift, allowing it to rise up to carry gear in the cargo area. It can also fold to accommodate a third row of removable seats, raising the potential seating capacity to eight.

The LIV can also incorporate several mods that make it well-suited for (at least milder forms of) overlanding. VanDOit can fit it with an EverShower portable shower that can be used inside or outside the vehicle. Buyers can also include a portable hot water system, roof-mounted solar panels, an enlarged battery capacity and a galley kitchen.

Pricing for the VanDOit LIV is reasonably affordable by camper van standards. The company estimates the cost for most builds to be between $59,800 and $108,800, Transit van included. Builds currently require a seven-month wait, however.

If you’re looking to do more robust overlanding, one solid alternative option could be Sportsmobile’s 4×4 Econoline camper, which offers Ford’s 6.8-liter V10, 16.5 inches of ground clearance and the same 44-degree approach angle as a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. A realistic build-out of that vehicle would cost you quite a bit more than the LIV’s max price, however, so think hard about what sort of #vanlife you’ll actually be living before you make the decision.

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