Great Scott! You May Be Able to Buy a New DeLorean Soon

New regulations could see the iconic ride return to production.

delorean gear patrol full lead

Back to the Future fans and lovers of boxy stainless steel automobiles, rejoice. The DeLorean Motor Company has told Hagerty it plans to produce a limited run of new DMC-12s.

You can thank the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act, which passed in 2015, for the happy news — though some praise should be reserved for SEMA, whose lawsuit finally prompted the NHTSA to issue regulations that give the act some teeth back in December. Once those regulations are finalized, new versions of classic cars could go into production — including the DMC-12.

The new DeLoreans would be updated versions of the original, which was sold between 1981 and 1983. The body would stick close to the original, but with updated headlights. The cars would get a new 350-horsepower engine, more than double the output that came out of the original V6; with an updated interior and modern audio connectivity. (Time travel capability, however, will remain an aftermarket option.)

Speaking of time: DeLorean says production likely will not begin until early 2021 at the earliest. It is expected to be a low-volume run, with only one or two vehicles per week being cranked ouy.

That said, you can’t wait until then to relive your Back to the Future automotive nostalgia, you could always try to score a vintage Toyota SR5 pickup.

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