This Game-Changing Electric Camping Trailer Should Hit the Road This Year

A revolutionary new electric camping trailer should begin testing in 2020.

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Back in 2018, German camping vehicle manufacturer Dethleffs unveiled the e.Home Coco concept. It’s a small, lightweight camping trailer, albeit with a key innovation that sets it apart from just about every similar item on the market: a lithium-ion battery pack and a dual-motor electric system. The e.Home Coco could be an absolute game-changer for the camping trailer world — none other than Airstream has been working on similar ideas behind the scenes — and Dethleffs has been working toward making it a reality by the end of 2020.

The trailer would be able to power itself as needed, enabling it to be hauled around by lighter vehicles than normally would be able to tow it. Unlike some of our favorite camping trailers, the e.Home Coco would be able to be towed by practically any passenger vehicle — including electric cars, where the trailer would help EVs haul it around without destroying their range.

Dethleffs wants the e.Home Coco to be able to maneuver itself 360-degrees on the spot for self-parking while being steered with a mobile device, like this OzXcorp trailer prototype. By recouping electricity via both solar power and regenerative braking, Dethleffs also expects the trailer to serve as a portable power source.

The e.Home Coco would be particularly useful in Europe, where camping via vans and trailers is a popular hobby and many consumers will be switching to EVs over the coming decade. Still, it’ll have to handle some challenges first; one major endurance test the company plans is to have the trailer cross the Alps while being towed by an EV on a single charge. That test is supposed to happen by 2020. Here’s hoping the current coronavirus pandemic doesn’t push that timeline back too much.

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