Ford Will Offer Bronco Buyers a Very Cool Off-Roading Perk

We know the new Bronco will do more than look the part off the pavement, and Ford is prepared to help their buyers make the most of that capability.


Ford’s new 2021 Bronco is almost here. We know the new SUV will do more than look the part off the pavement, with a special off-roading manual transmission and some advanced tricks even the Wrangler can’t do. And Ford plans to help its buyers make use of that capability.

The company just announced it will hold “Off-Roadeo” experiences for buyers of the Ford Bronco and the off-roading oriented Badlands trim of the Bronco Sport. The events, included with the vehicle purchase, will be held at four regional locations across the country that are to be determined. They will begin in 2021 about when customers can expect to take deliveries of their new vehicles.

According to Road and Track, the Off-Roadeo experiences will last two days. The first day will offer instruction in off-road fundamentals. The second day can be either more advanced off-roading training or some form of outdoor adventure, depending on the buyer’s preference. While the program itself will come included with the vehicle, travel arrangements and accommodations are not included.

The Off-Roadeo experiences should be a cool perk for Bronco buyers. Off-roading in your vehicle can be an intimidating hobby to get into. No one wants to look like a noob, get stuck in the mud or bash their brand-new off-roader on some rocks. That fear keeps even seasoned Jeep buyers from getting the most out of their vehicles. It should also help foster a new and robust Bronco enthusiast community, which Ford will need to do on the fly to compete with the Wrangler.

Hopefully, a luxury SUV manufacturer will counter Ford’s effort with a complimentary “Off-Rodeo” program to help buyers operate their vehicles in their natural environments, Beverly Hills and other posh shopping districts.

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