This Super-Lux Hummer Could Be Your New Dream Overlanding Rig

Mil-Spec is offering a new and impressive-looking Hummer H1 resto-mod build, but it won’t come cheap.

Exquisite resto-mods of vintage off-roaders are some of the most expensive and sought after vehicles out there. While many companies restore Ford Broncos, Land Rover Defenders, or Toyota’s FJ40 Land Cruiser, Michigan-based Mil-Spec Automotive tackles the most badass (and least road-friendly) off-roader of them all, the Hummer H1. The company just announced what it describes as a “brutish” new special edition of its H1 super-truck.

While GMC is bringing the Hummer back with electric power, Mil-Spec sticks with the LBZ 6.6 liter Duramax Diesel engine, which puts out 500 horsepower and 1,000 lb-ft of torque. The company has improved the H1’s overlanding range the old-fashioned way, with a massive 30-gallon fuel tank. Other mods include a Baja Suspension package, which permits 13 inches of wheel travel and a Bumper Tow package.

This rig will be a bit more stylish and comfortable than the original H1. Mil-Spec upgrades the exterior with a Deep Sky Black kevlar-infused polyurethane coating. The Executive Interior Package is finished with onyx-colored Nappa leather. The H1 also gets a ceramic underbody and engine bay coating to help insulate the cabin.

Mil-Spec’s special edition H1 doesn’t come cheap. It starts at $300,000, which would be at the extreme high-end for a restored Bronco or Defender. That’s about a $30,000 premium over the Mil-Spec’s standard pickup H1 build, which is priced a little under $270,000. The company is currently accepting inquiries about new builds on its website.

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