The New Range Rover Debuts Today: Here's What You Should Know

Land Rover's new flagship SUV arrives presently. Here's what we've learned by the launch date.

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Land Rover

The Range Rover is one of the most influential vehicles of all time. One could consider it the first proper luxury SUV that fancy people could drive to work and out on the town. Its success and cultural resonance is a major reason Land Rover became an independent brand. And it’s no coincidence four of Land Rover’s seven vehicles are branded as Range Rovers.

Land Rover’s flagship SUV is an outstanding blend of high-end style and serious off-road capability. And it’s finally getting an upgrade to the fifth generation — one overdue, since the current generation dates back to 2012. If you want to see the new Range Rover debut live, it drops at 3:40pm East Coast time on Tuesday, October 26 at Land Rover USA's website (click here to go there).

Here's everything we've learned ahead of the new Range Rover launch date.

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The new Range Rover will debut on Oct. 26

Land Rover announced that the fifth-generation Range Rover will debut on Tuesday, Oct. 26 at 3:40 pm EST. Land Rover will show the reveal live on their website. No word yet on when it will arrive in the U.S. precisely and whether it will be a 2022 or 2023 model year vehicle. Expect the short-wheelbase before the long-wheelbase version.

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Land Rover
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Will the Range Rover get a new platform?

Reports suggest that Land Rover should shift from the current D7 platform to JLR’s new lighter and stiffer MLA platform. It’s a hybrid platform that can accommodate internal combustion, electrified hybrid or pure electric powertrains. Initially, the MLA platform was meant to underpin a wider range of vehicles. But with Jaguar going EV by 2025 on a new platform, it may just be Land Rover’s larger SUVs getting that treatment.

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Land Rover
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What engine options will the new Range Rover get?

Like the fourth generation, the fifth-generation Range Rover should get a range of engine options. Land Rover has said their first all-electric SUV will arrive in 2024, which suggests the new Range Rover won’t offer one initially. Reports expect the Range Rover to replace the aging top-of-the-line 5.0-liter Ford V8 with BMW’s 4.4-liter V8 as part of the companies’ engine partnership. Other engine options — depending on the market — should include Land Rover’s new Ingenium 3.0-liter inline-six, a six-cylinder diesel (perhaps from BMW) and at least one plug-in hybrid.

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What will the new Range Rover look like?

It should look like a Range Rover. Spy shots of the new Range Rover testing and the first teaser image don’t indicate a radical departure visually from the fourth generation. The new SUV should have a similar shape. It should keep the split tailgate, and it does not appear to be getting the Velar’s flush door handles. Expect a nip and tuck job with modernized lighting and a larger grille. Interior spy shots show a digital instrument display and a larger center console display.

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