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Two Awesome Workout Shoes Are on Sale — Which Should You Get?

Comparing and contrasting the Reebok Nano 9 and Nike Metcon 5, both of which are deeply discounted right now.

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If you're in the market for new workout shoes, you are in luck. Earlier iterations of a couple of our favorites are on sale at serious discounts. The Reebok Nano 9 is currently 42 percent off with the promo code FAM, dropping the price from $130 to $75. And the Nike Metcon 5 is up to 37 percent off, dropping the price from $130 to as low as $90.97. (Six colorways are available at a range of discounts, the smallest of which is 21 percent off.)

So the question inevitably arises, which one should you get? Here are the highlights of each shoe to aid your decision.

The Reebok Nano 9 is a 2019 GP 100 selection as one of the best fitness products of the year. We simply love working out in it, thanks to its breathability, cushioning and that beefed-up protective wrap (the brown part in the model shown), which keeps feet stable during explosive jumps and lifts.

The shoe is low-cut for quick movement, staying in place reliably thanks to the Stretch Flexweave upper. It also features a bifurcated outsole, an upgrade over previous editions; the separation eases heel-to-toe movement, so despite the very flat bottoms, you can actually run a bit.

As a fellow leader in the CrossFit/HIIT space, the Metcon 5 boasts a few similar features, such as a grippy rubber outsole and a wide, flat, minimal drop heel that provides a stable platform for everything from kettlebell swings to plyometrics.

There are a few notable differences however. The outsole is not sectioned off like the Nano 9s. The cushioning is more strategic — firmer in the heels and softer in the forefoot, so you have a strong base for lifts and a bit of give when you are bouncing around on your toes. Last but not least, the Metcon 5s come with a removable Hyperlift insert, allowing you to raise the heel for powerlifting-style workouts.

So which should you get? Honestly, both shoes are great and you really can't go wrong. However, if you are looking for a slightly more versatile shoe to tackle a wide range of movements (like you might encounter during various CrossFit WODs), the Nano 9 can't be beat. Meanwhile, if your workouts lean more toward the big weights and Olympic lifts, the heel-raising Metcon 5s are your best bet.

Reebok Nano 9 Price: $130 $75


Nike Metcon 5 Price: $130 $90.97+


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