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The Smartest Lamp You've Ever Seen Is on Sale

Dyson mastered the vacuum and is now coming for the championship belt of home lighting.

dyson light

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If you haven't been privy to the Dyson Lightcycle floor lamp yet, let this be the reminder that you need to do so. This souped-up lamp is over-engineered in the best possible way (like only Dyson can) but the brass tacks right now is this: it's currently on sale for $200 off.

This lamp from the UK home stalwart has more features than you can imagine. Designed with eye strain in mind, it automatically simulates daylight to be bright when you need it and dim when you don't. Its internal technology is made to keep heat levels down and power a bulb that will last for 60 years — 60 years! It also has an app that adapts to you over time, taking your age, task, and sleep times into consideration to save energy by shutting off when you've walked away. It's a lamp in only the way Dyson could make one — extremely smart, powerful and efficient.


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