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Morning Alarm Stressing You Out? Check Out This Discounted Smart Alarm Clock

Philips has poured two decades of research into smart alarm clocks that wake you with light.

philips smartsleep wakeup light alarm

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Ever since the inception of the alarm clock, it has been characterized by its loud ring and images of sleepers hammering the snooze button with a groan. Regardless of the alarm you use, it is likely defined by its shrill tone and ability to snap you out of your slumber as quickly as possible. That doesn't have to be the only way. Right now, you can get Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light — an alarm that wakes you with light that mimics the sunrise — for $80, which is 20 percent off the regular price.

Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light Alarm
Philips Norelco amazon.com

It may seem like a lot to pay for an alarm, but there are many benefits to waking up this way. There is no jumping out of bed to snooze, no shrill sounds; just a light that clicks on and slowly gets brighter as you get to your desired wake-up time, followed by one of five nature sounds that have been pre-downloaded onto the clock. You can, however, go old school with FM radio if you'd like. Waking up with light has been proven to improve your mood and help you get a more peaceful sleep — Philips has spent 20 years perfecting this technology. Make those early mornings smarter, not harder... while you can.


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