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These Are the Best Grill Deals to Shop, Just in Time for the Super Bowl

Whether you're looking to become a first-time grill owner or need to upgrade your current setup, there are a ton of deals to help you upgrade on a budget.

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While we may be firmly planted in the middle of winter, right now is a great time to break out the hot dogs and burgers for one last hurrah on February 12 — yep, we're talking Super Bowl. It's coincidentally also an ideal time to buy a new grill for your backyard, as some of the best grilling deals of the year are kicking off as we head toward spring.

Even if you already own a grill, you may want to take stock of its condition — will it last another season? Hopefully, that is the case, but sometimes the answer to that question is a resounding no — or maybe you want to upgrade. Either way, you'll want to take advantage of a great grill deal when you see it.

Grills used to be something you could only buy at home centers. But nowadays you can buy them online, and oftentimes with some savings. Luckily, we here at Gear Patrol are obsessed with getting you the best value, so we're always hunting for the lowest price. If you're in the market now, there is definitely a deal for you. Check in on this page for all the best sales that you can shop throughout the year.

Sitewide Sales

Amazon: Score some sales on grills and grilling accessories, including Weber, Charbroil, Traeger, Z Grills and more.
BBQGuys: Shop and save up to 60 percent on grills and grill gear.
Home Depot: Shop discounts and special buys on dozens of grills and other outdoor cooking gear.
Lowe's: Save big on outdoor kitchen setups.
PK Grills: Save 10 percent and get free shipping.
Solo Stove: Get discounts on fire pits, the pizza oven, camp stoves and more.
Walmart: Enjoy rollbacks and reduced savings on grills and grilling tools.
Wayfair: Yes, the furniture retailer also offers a range of grills, many of which are on sale.
Z Grills: You can get up to 41 percent off wood pellet grills.

Gas Grills On Sale

Pellet Grills On Sale

Charcoal Grills On Sale

What to Consider When Buying a Grill


Gas grills are the most common and that's because they offer a low barrier to entry, ease of use and can regulate temperatures much more precisely. Basically, you can cook nearly anything on a gas grill and it'll work out pretty well — versatility is another strong suit of the gas grill. Some things you definitely need to keep in mind when looking for gas grills are your cooking space, the number of burners and maximum temperature. Great cooking can definitely be done quite easily with a gas grill.


Something you absolutely need to have when buying a charcoal grill is air vents. This will give you much more control over your temperature, which affects everything when you're working with a charcoal grill. While (some) gas grills can have trouble maintaining a consistently hot temperature across the entire cooking area, charcoal grills excel in this department. Essentially, charcoal grills are for purists and definitely lack the ease of use of gas. Sure things can go poorly, but when things go well there might not be a better grilling experience.


Pellet grills aren't as niche as they once were, and when they're firing on all cylinders they can do things that other grills just can't. Pellet grills rely on technology in a big way, so if you're buying one, be sure that your Wi-Fi is up to par because you'll likely need it. Once you've got everything sorted out and your grill set up, you're just a few hours away from a perfectly smoked brisket — which is what pellet grills are best at.

When Is the Best Time to Buy?

Like most things you buy for your yard, fall is the best time to get a great deal on a grill thanks to the end-of-season sales that follow Labor Day. This is definitely not the only good time, though. We see deals starting as early as Presidents' Day as retailers get rid of last year's models and run promos on some of the newer releases. Plus, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July are big holidays for shopping grills as well.

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