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The Complete Buying Guide to Weber Grills: Every Model Explained

From the classic Kettle to the brand-new Stand-Up Griddle range, here’s everything you need to know about Weber, America’s favorite grill maker.

a weber charcoal grill

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It was the early 1950s, the brazier grill was king and George Stephen was not impressed. Braziers lacked lids, leaving food exposed to rain and flooding the coalbed with oxygen, creating uncontrollably hot fires. According to Smithsonian Magazine, Stephen, a salesman for Weber Brothers Metal Works, was filling out orders for buoys from the Coast Guard and Chicago Yacht Club when it hit him — he needed a lid. He cut a buoy into two half-spheres, added legs and punched holes in the top and bottom for airflow. The Weber Kettle was born.

Weber’s original kettle remains its most popular grill today, but in the 70 years since its invention, the company has expanded. The Weber name is stamped on propane gas grills, smokers, electric grills and portable grills. There are sub-products under each category, each at different price points, and all with different features. Here’s everything you need to know about the most famous name in grilling.

Where Are Weber Grills Made?

Since 1952, all Weber grills have been made in the U.S. The brand started in Illinois, and Weber continues to make its grills in Huntley, Illinois, while they're designed and engineered in the Chicago quarters.

What Makes Weber Grills Worth It?

Weber grills aren't the cheapest grills, but they're also not super expensive. (It also helps that the brand runs the gamut of prices so it's approachable for people with all budgets.) All of the brand's grills are made in the U.S., using only the best parts and materials, which are either sourced from the U.S. or outside the country. Before any grill goes out, the brand tests everything to ensure it matches the brand's high standards. In terms of longevity, Weber grills will last you practically forever (as long as you take care of them). And if for some reason something goes wrong with your grill, Weber has an excellent customer support team, who can help you find replacement parts and services.

Charcoal Grills

weber smokey mountain smoker
If you’re looking to add smoked meats to your grilling menu, check out Weber’s Smokey Mountain Smoker.
Will Price

Original Kettle

Weber Original Kettle 18-Inch

  • Models Available: 18-inch, 22-inch, 26-inch

    The OG Weber’s shape has been more or less the same since 1956, and beyond small component updates, it is effectively the exact grill Stephen set out to make — sturdy and weather-proof with manageable airflow and a reasonable price. It comes with Weber’s standard One-Touch cleaning system, an aluminum ash catch and a pair of solid wheels to move around with.

        Original Kettle Premium

        Weber Original Kettle Premium 22-Inch

        • Models Available: 22-inch, 26-inch, 70th Anniversary

          The middle-tier kettle is exactly the same as the Original, but adds three useful features: a built-in lid thermometer, hinged grates and a removable ash catch. The lid thermometer is useful for longer cooks when the lid will remain on the kettle for longer stretches (high-heat cooks rarely use the lid or keep it on for more than a minute or two). The hinged grate allows you to lift part of the grate up to add more fuel without having to pull the entire thing out. A removable ash catch is great for those of us who would like to avoid ash-covered fingernails.

          Master-Touch Kettle

              Weber Master-Touch Kettle 22-Inch


              The most premium of the kettles adds Gourmet BBQ System grates (the middle is hinged, so you can pull it out to refuel the center of the fire), a warming rack and char baskets. It has all the features from the Original and Premium kettles. While originally only available in black, it now comes in a wide array of colors, though there's still just one size: 22 inches.

              70th Anniversary Kettle

              tech roundup

              A limited edition to celebrate 70 years of the Weber Kettle, this option is full of retro nods to the 1950s, including white-walled wheels, a quartet of throwback color options, a hood ornament-inspired temperature gauge and a utility tray — a feature not seen on a Weber Kettle since the 1950s. It's only available in a 22-inch size.

              Smokey Mountain Smoker

              Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker 14-Inch

              • Models Available: 14-inch, 18-inch, 22-inch

                The pill-shaped Smokey Mountain drops the coalbed down a foot or two, adds a door to throw new coals on and comes with a porcelain-enameled water rack to keep things nice and humid. If you want food closer to the fire, there’s a grate beneath the top grate for charring.

                Read our full Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker review.


                    Weber Performer Grill 22-Inch

                    • Models Available: 22-inch, 22-inch Premium, 22-inch Deluxe

                      The Performer adds a prep table, cooking timer and gas-fired charcoal starter to the standard kettle grill. It comes in a standard, premium and deluxe set up, the difference being a slightly larger prep table, the addition of a charcoal storage chamber and, at the highest level, an electric charcoal starter.


                          Weber The Ranch Kettle


                          The Ranch kettle comes in one size and it’s absolutely enormous at 37 inches across. Easily the largest of Weber’s kettle-shaped grills, the Ranch is overkill for all but Weber brand loyalists that need to make more than 40 burgers at a time.

                          Summit Kamado

                          Weber Summit Kamado E6

                          • Models Available: Summit Kamado E6, Summit Kamado S6 Grilling Center

                            The aptly named Summit series is Weber charcoal grilling taken to its peak. It has every premium feature available on a Weber grill in its toolkit, including, but not limited to: gas-fired charcoal ignition, one-touch cleaning, double-walled lid and bowl, hinged grill grates, temperature gauges, timers and more. Weber grilling nirvana, basically.

                                Gas Grills

                                close up of the front of a weber grill on a backyard patio
                                Picture a gas grill, and you’ll probably see the Weber Spirit.
                                Mitch K.


                                Weber Spirit E-210

                                $499.00 (12% off)
                                • Models Available: E-210, E-310, S-315, E-330, SX-315

                                  All Weber gas grills use a version of the brand’s GS4 grilling system, which includes an ignition system with a 10-year warranty, upgraded fuel tubes for improved heat distribution and “flavorizer” bars that catch grease before it causes flare-ups. The Spirit is the most affordable of Weber’s gas grills. It comes with prep tables, side hooks and all-terrain wheels. Plus, you can get it in a few different color and size combinations, and several (pricier) models are WiFi-connected smart grills.


                                      Home Depot

                                      Weber Genesis E-325s

                                      • Models Available: E-325s, S-325s, EX-325s, SX-325s, E-335, S-335, EX-335, SX-335, EPX-335, E-435, S-435, SPX-435

                                        The Genesis series takes the basics from the Spirit grills and throws a few more features in. Namely, a side table burner, heating rack and porcelain-enameled steel body. Like the Spirit, there are also now several smart grills within the Genesis product line. Upgrading from the Spirit to the Genesis can be boiled down to one question: do you plan on grilling individual dishes or full meals? If the answer is the latter, go with the Genesis.


                                            Weber Summit E-470

                                            • Models Available: S-460, E-470, S-470, S-660, E-670, S-670, Grill Center, Grill Center S.S.

                                              Like the charcoal version of the Summit, the gas model is as feature-rich as it gets. It carries everything from the Genesis and adds burners, BTUs and some very handy automatic lights on the hood for nighttime grilling.

                                                  Portable Grills

                                                  a person pulling a traveling grill
                                                  The Weber Traveler is extremely easy to pack up and transport.
                                                  Matthew Pastorius

                                                  Smokey Joe

                                                  Weber Smokey Joe 14-Inch

                                                  • Models Available: 14-Inch Standard, 14-Inch Premium

                                                    Miniaturized classics. While still not small enough to fit in a day pack, it makes for the perfect city-living, can-only-grill-in-the-park grill. It’s got Weber’s charcoal-standard ash catch at the base and airflow dampers on the lid (there aren’t any on the base, sadly). The main difference between the standard and more premium models is a home for the lid; the premium model (about $10 more expensive) has a hinge that holds the lid when not in use. Its 14-inch grill space is enough to fit about five burgers.

                                                        Jumbo Joe

                                                        Weber Jumbo Joe Charcoal Grill 18-Inch


                                                        The Jumbo Joe is just a larger Smokey Joe. It adds another four inches of grill space for a total cooking area of 18 inches, which means eight burgers instead of five.


                                                        Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill

                                                        • Models Available: Go-Anywhere Charcoal, Go-Anywhere Gas

                                                          Weber takes a stab at making a portable, grill outside its spherical comfort zone. The legs cleverly fold onto the lid and make it a bit more towable, it’s still Weber, which means it’s still heavy (14 pounds) and awkward to carry far. It’s big enough for six burgers (or about three steaks). Use it for car camping.



                                                          Weber Traveler Portable Gas Grill


                                                          With the ability to fold flat, the Traveler is the ideal gas grill for folks who are always on the go. Despite its small size, its grilling surface can hold up to 15 burger patties at once, perfect for quick solo meals or family gatherings. Its convenience factors — like one-handed setup and automatic lid lock — make this the ultimate on-the-go grill.


                                                          Weber Q1000

                                                          • Models Available: Q1000, Q1200, Q2000, Q2200, Q1400 (Electric), Q2400 (Electric), Q3200 (offered in Propane & Natural Gas, the latter is non-portable)

                                                            Most of the Q-Series models use propane for fuel, but electric and natural gas options at a variety of BTU levels also exist. Its body is rust-proof cast aluminum and its grates are enameled cast iron. There are a few models under the Q line, but prices generally only climb with higher power levels and for options that come with fold-out side tables. It also comes in way more colors than most Weber grills.

                                                                Electric Grills

                                                                small electric grill cooking chicken, asparagus and zucchini
                                                                The Weber Lumin is the perfect grill for anyone whose property doesn’t allow live-fire cooking.
                                                                Jack Seemer



                                                                Weber Lumin Electric Grill

                                                                • Models Available: Lumin, Lumin Compact

                                                                  The Lumin is the newest electric grill from Weber, released in 2023, and is largely aimed at people without much grilling experience. It gets up to over 600 degrees and it gets there fast, easily putting a nice sear on steaks and a char on veggies with little smoke involved. Like most electric grills, its temperature drops quickly with the lid open, but its a great option for people living in apartments and condos with rules against gas and charcoal grills.

                                                                  Read our full Weber Lumin review.



                                                                  Weber Pulse 2000


                                                                  A slightly older style of electric grill from Weber, the Pulse reaches up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, with the ability to control it through an app. The grill features a dual grilling zone, which can hold up to 12 burgers.

                                                                  Stand-Up Griddles

                                                                  Weber Griddle

                                                                  Weber Griddle 36

                                                                  • Models Available: 28-inch, 36-inch

                                                                    In 2023, Weber launched its own line of standalone gas-powered griddles — a testament to the growing popularity of flat top grills. The Weber Griddle can hit temperatures over 500 degrees in a hurry and is capable of everything from searing steak to preparing eggs and pancakes. And with four burners heating four different zones, you can cook your entire meal at different temperatures at the same time.

                                                                    Pellet Grills



                                                                    Weber SmokeFire EX6

                                                                    • Models Available: SomkeFire EX4, SmokeFire EX6, SmokeFire EPX6, SmokeFire Stealth Edition

                                                                      Pellet grill lovers will love the SmokeFire, which has a temperature range between 200 and 600 degrees. Its porcelain-enamel finish helps with heat retention while also preventing future rust and cracks. The SmokeFire has flavorizer bars like the Spirit grills, and there's a SmokeBoost option to infuse an extra dose of smokey flavor at the beginning of a cook.

                                                                      SmokeFire Sear+

                                                                      tech roundup
                                                                      • Models Available: SomkeFire Sear+ ELX4, SmokeFire Sear+ ELX6

                                                                        The Sear+ is a SmokeFire pellet grill with two handy built-in additions: a side prep table, and more notably, a Weber Crafted Dual-Sided Sear Grate. The latter allows you to sear steaks better than you can on the regular SmokeFire.

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