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We Scored You an Exclusive Deal from a Top-Tier Brewery

Threes Brewing in Brooklyn, NY is offering GP readers 10% off your first purchase online — and they ship to over 20 states.

threes brewing logical conclusion
Threes Brewing

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Threes Brewing in Brooklyn, NY is one of those breweries where the lack of drinkers in taprooms during the pandemic sparked major ingenuity. The brewery was already planning on launching an e-commerce platform this year but the pandemic accelerated that effort. The result is Threes now ships its highly-sought-after beers to more than 20 states via one of the cleanest and most advanced online shopping platforms for beer any craft brewery in America has created thus far. The best part though? Threes is offering Gear Patrol readers 10 percent off all purchases made by new customers until next Wedneday (April 7) at noon when you use the code GEARPATROL at checkout (or purchase from this page).

But that's just the beginning of the savings from one of the top craft beer makers in the country. By signing up for the Threes online shop (it's free and just requires an email address) you'll also continue to save money on beer in the future. That's because the Threes rewards program gives you 5 percent savings for every $1 you spend. Over time, those points accumulate and give you the chance for free beer.

This week's releases from Threes include fresh drops of Logical Conclusion (one of the juicest IPAs in NYC) and Kicking & Screaming (an oak-aged lager that shows off the best of what Threes does, and a personal favorite). And a new, soon-to-be go-to Regional Dialekt also releases today. It's a sub-5-percent-ABV Kölsch that toes the line between lager and ale with a dryness yet a full-bodied bready lager taste, making it a perfect companion for a backyard (or park) hangout.

What's more, if you live in NYC Threes offers free delivery for orders over $50 and free pick-up at any of its locations. For those in states that Threes cannot ship to because of online alcohol shipping regulations, Threes also offers merchandise (including some superb glassware) that the code also applies to. Whether you've been taking advantage of having breweries ship you beer during the pandemic or have been curious about trying it, this exclusive deal from Threes is a can't miss for beer lovers.


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