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Don't Have a Green Thumb? These Easy Care Plants Are on Sale

Plants.com is giving those of us who can't keep a plant alive a deal on the hardest plants to kill.


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Everyone seems to have a bunch of plants at home these days, especially as the hobby of building out a mini-jungle boomed during the pandemic. Keeping plants around the house definitely adds to the ambiance and brings a breath of fresh air to just about any space, whether it's the bedroom, the living room or the bathroom.

For those of us not blessed with a green thumb, there are a number of low-maintenance plants that will thrive in just about any environment. Right now you can pick up one of these easy-care plants for 20 percent off at Plants.com.

You can get a Madagascar Dragon, a set of three cacti or even get an orchid that comes with a free tote bag. No matter how bad you are at taking care of plants, there is one for you to shop in this sale.


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