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Need a Better Office Chair? Our Just Get This Pick Is $62 off

When you can spend this little on the perfect office chair, other options seem obsolete.

steelcase series 1 chair

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You need an office chair. Not just for your back, but to take care of business. In their efforts to make the best possible task chair, companies have released hundreds of products that hardly differ from one another.

Skip the deep research and get the Steelcase Series 1 chair. It was already the best value office chair on the market and now it's an even better value since Amazon has it on sale for $62 off the normal price. If you need further reasons why to grab our Just Get This pick, here's further evidence.

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Adjustable to your liking

Any office chair worth its weight should be adaptable to its users. The Steelcase Series 1 does all the usual adjustments, like arm height and seat height, but goes beyond the standard for chairs priced under $500. The Series 1 comes standard with adjustable seat depth, lumbar support and tilt control. The mesh backing is called 3D Mesh Knit, and it adapts well to your body for optimal support.

Active armrests are a godsend

Going beyond adjustable arm height, the Series 1's arm rests are as active as its sitter. The arms are 4D meaning they slide around with you as you work. Each arm rest, which is soft and supple on bare skin, moves forward and backward, side-to-side and has 40-degree pivot rotation. If you're someone who is constantly moving around a mouse, you'll be thankful for the range of motion.

Form and function

As well as it performs, the Series 1 looks just as good, too. Unlike other ergonomic office chairs, with their aggressively sharp lines and edges, the Series 1 is much softer in comparison with its rounded edges and compact figure. The chair comes in a rainbow of colors, whether you want to go bold with your office chair or keep it low-key and subtle.

Steelcase Series 1 Office Chair
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