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Save 43% By Bundling a Paramount+ Premium Subscription with Showtime

For just $12 per month, you can get access to both platforms — ad-free.

paramount plus

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There's a lot changing in the streaming world right now, and competing with the likes of Netflix, Hulu and Max (formerly HBO Max) is no small task. But with Netflix raising prices, cracking down on password sharing and lots of shows leaving for new, network-specific services, like Peacock, it's worth reconsidering your streaming portfolio. And starting at only $5 per month, Paramount+ poses a great option with series titles that include NCIS, Yellowjackets and all things CBS. While the ad-free Premium version of the platform is a little steeper at $10 a month, right now you can bundle with Showtime for only $12 for both services.

Paramount+ Premium and Showtime


For context, getting Showtime on its own will run you $11, so you're spending just one more dollar to have two streaming services and saving 43 percent by bringing the total down from $21 to $12. You can also bundle the $5 Essential plan we mentioned before with Showtime as well, but it'll end up being the same total price of $12 if you do — so we'd recommend going ad free. And you can bring the monthly price down to just $10, if you opt for the annual plan and pay it all at once. Of course, the aforementioned shows are only a small fraction of what this streaming service has to offer; it also has a deep catalog of movies ranging from big-ticket blockbusters (like Christopher Nolan's Interstellar) to brand-spanking-new exclusives and everything in-between.

If you're still not sold, you can actually try before you buy. That's right, Paramount+ offers a free trial, covering your first seven days of access to the streaming services without any monetary commitment. Just make sure you snag the deal before it's too late.

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