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Our Favorite Gravity Bong Is $100 Off Right Now

The gorgeous Stündenglass infuser first made headlines courtesy of a Seth Rogen viral video.

stündenglass gravity infuser

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There are more ways to consume weed nowadays than you can seemingly shake your fist at. From edibles to drinks to high-tech vaporizers, there's a method for everyone. Still, smoking is still (and always will be) a classic. If that's your preferred method — especially for those who now have more refined tastes but came up when most apparatuses were jerry-rigged out of household supplies — we've got great news: the Stündenglass Gravity Infuser, our pick for the best gravity bong, is $100 off.

Stündenglass Gravity Infuser
Stündenglass stundenglass.com

For the uninitiated, this device first came to prominence back in 2018, when Seth Rogen (the clown prince of celebrity stoners) posted a viral video of himself using the prototype. Back then, the utterly sophisticated borosilicate glass and aerospace-grade aluminum kinetic infuser seemed like something out of science fiction — a far cry from the duct-tape-and-soda-bottle homemade devices most of us remember.

Now, however, this upscale, award-winning device is available to the masses — and deeply discounted, no less! Complete with everything you need and slapped with a 10-year warranty, this futuristic gravity bong will take your smoking habit into orbit. Or maybe it makes a great weed gift for someone special. That is, unless you wait and miss out on this out-of-this-world deal.


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