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Want a Finex Cast-Iron Skillet? This Is About as Cheap as They’ll Come

Finex skillets are either loved or hated, but they’re always expensive. This sale is nearly as discounted as you’ll see them.

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Sur La Table

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Love them or despise them, Finex’s cast-iron cookware inspires a certain level of devotee that few other cookware items can claim. Its octagonal shape, golden lid pull, machine-smoothed cooking surface and stainless steel coil handle (which I’m not completely sold on) are instantly recognizable, and a large part of the pan’s allure. On the other end of the love-hate spectrum lies the price — $150 for an 8-inch skillet with a lid is a hefty amount to pay for one piece of what is normally reasonably priced cookware.

Today on Sur La Table until June 24, this problem is alleviated (somewhat) — as some Finex cookware is up to 20 percent off. If you've been lusting after a Finex this is your chance to get it at a rare discount.


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