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You Can Get Finex Cast-Iron Skillets for Way Cheaper than Normal Right Now

Love them or hate them, Finex’s cast iron has a ton of fans.


Calling Finex’s cast-iron cookware “different” feels a bit soft. Of all new blood working to revitalize cast-iron cookware, Finex is by far the easiest to spot in a crowd. Between the octagonal shape, the spring handle and the immense weight, you could pick out a from a sea of cast iron while blindfolded.

And while it does have detractors like a questionable handle, there’s no denying it is immensely popular. The machined-smooth cooking surface and well-applied base seasoning make it pretty close to non-stick out of the box, and its weight, though cumbersome, means it holds heat better than virtually any other modern cast iron.

Kaufmann Mercantile’s entire site is 20 percent off now through the weekend with code KARMA, including its whole stock of Finex gear — skillets, grill pans, dutch ovens and even sauce pots. Brands like Finex very rarely go on sale, so 20 percent off is a rather big deal.

In addition to a killer deal, Kaufmann Mercantile promises to donate $5 from all purchases to the California Fire Foundation to help victims of wildfire in California, which is pretty damn awesome, too.

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