The Only Leather Minimalist Wallet You Need Is Now 10% Off

The new Urban EDC Supply Urban Companion Wallet is as minimalist as you can get.



The new Urban EDC Supply Companion Wallet is as minimalist as you can get. Embracing maximum simplicity, the wallet shares the same design language as the brand’s Urban Organizers, meaning it is engineered to do the most with the least. Made in several configurations — and in three leather choices — the wallet will pair with any carry out there. Every detail and every component serves a purpose, with no extra space or superfluous features, to make the most versatile wallet that’s slim, sleek and stylish. The Urban Companion Wallet comes with two to four slots for your gear, cards, cash and tools. Depending on what you carry, your wallet can be best configured to even fit a small flashlight or utility blade. You can grab one of the Urban EDC Supply Urban Companion Wallets for 10% off right now for the next 48 hours, with the code GearCompanion.

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