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The Best Foam Roller You Can Get Is on Sale for 43% Off

Triggerpoint’s Grid foam roller is often recommended by physical therapists and athletic trainers.

triggerpoint grid foam roller

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A foam roller might seem like an overly basic approach to muscle recovery, but using one regularly is recommended time and again by physical therapists and athletic trainers. Typically, they’ll point you to the Grid or, in this case, the Grid Vibe Plus — TriggerPoint’s long-standing best-sellers. The Grid Vibe Plus has a varying foam grid pattern to create different levels of pressure, four vibrating speeds for deep muscle-massaging goodness, and it’s on sale on Woot for 43 percent off right now. Furthermore, you can also score the travel-sized TriggerPoint Grid for 33 percent off and a percussive massage gun for 30 percent off.

TriggerPoint Grid Vibe Plus Vibrating Foam Roller

TriggerPoint woot.com

If you're wondering why, exactly, you need to have a foam roller for all your fitness recovery needs, check out our guide to foam rolling. There you'll see just how valuable a tool and what a great deal TriggerPoint's Grid actually is. Furthermore, its solid construction and high-quality materials will ensure you can keep using it day-in and day-out for years. Seriously, this is a piece of gear you'll want to add to your home gym set-up ASAP, especially for just $60 while the deal is on.


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