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Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs Are Currently 58% Off

The gold standard in men's underwear.

Nordstrom Rack

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Like going to the dentist, eating raw vegetables, and getting eight hours of sleep, buying new underwear is one of those things everyone should do way more often. (The ideal cadence is to refresh everything in your underwear drawer every six months, but you should aim to do it at least once a year.) Right now at Nordstrom Rack, you can pick up a pack of four cotton boxer briefs from Calvin Klein, one of the best sellers in the category, for 58 percent off the list price.

Nordstrom Rack
Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs
Calvin Klein nordstromrack.com

They're comfortable, machine washable, durable, reliable and they always look good. If you are in need of new undergarments (now is a great time for a refresh), you'll not want to miss this deal.


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