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3 Awesome Folding Pocket Knives Are on Sale

Folding knives mesh seamlessly into everyday life, which in turn helps them be at the ready for unexpected chores.


When choosing a pocket knife, the first decision to make is fixed or folding. The tasks that you want the blade to aid you in will likely dictate the answer. Fixed blades tend to be more specialized with an extra-strong construction that’s ideal for hunting and backcountry survival. Meanwhile, folding knives, with a design that safely stows the blade and keeps the form small, are more practical and universal. They integrate more seamlessly into everyday life, which in turn helps them be at the ready for unexpected chores, however big or small. Here are three that are on sale right now for as much as 50 percent off, should you need a sharp new sidekick.

Civivi Praxis

Civivi’s Praxis is affordable but no slouch. It has a wide 3.75-inch blade that deploys quickly with a flipper tab and a G-10 handle available in a variety of attractive, muted colors.

Buy Now: $50 $39

Fällkniven PD Folder 3.0

Fällkniven’s PD Folder 3.0 is all about appearances but in the right way. Its handle features super-hard desert ironwood inlays while its Damascus blade uses 65 layers of steel to achieve its unique undulating pattern. What’s more, Fällkniven only made 1,000 of them.

Buy Now: $312 $156

Bestech 1708

Don’t mistake the plainness of Bestech’s 1708 for lack of function. Its clip-point blade uses high-grade CPM-S35VN steel and rolls open smoothly on ceramic ball bearings. Its handle and clip are both titanium, helping this knife stay light — just 4.8 ounces.

Buy Now: $240 $140

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