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Some of Nike’s Most Innovative Running Shoes Are Deeply Discounted Right Now

Those shoes with the Dippin’ Dots-filled soles promise an entirely new running sensation, and right now you can save up to 44 percent on them.


Last summer, Nike released a running sneaker unlike any the brand had dropped before. The Nike Joyride Run Flyknit features a midsole filled with thousands of tiny TPE beads that mimic the gentle feeling of running on soft sand, without the soreness that comes with that activity.

Curiosity piqued? Nike granted us exclusive access to test the shoe, and our first impressions confirmed that the Joyride runs like no other shoe. If you’re not a fan of the pavement-pounding feeling of traditional running, these kicks are worth a shot.

Watch Now: Nike Joyride First Impressions Review

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But we’ve buried the lead, because both the Flyknits shown in the video and a spinoff, the Nike Joyride Dual Run pictured above, are deeply discounted right now. The original Joyrides are anywhere from 17 to 44 percent off, depending on the colorway, while the Dual Run is 38 percent off in the four colorways, including the two pictured at the top of this page.

The Dual Run employs a lightweight mesh rather than Flyknit for the upper, but those Dippin’ Dots in the midsole are exactly the same — and the discount takes the price well under $100. That’s pretty tough to beat for a one-of-a-kind recovery shoe, especially if you don’t happen to live near a beach (which probably isn’t open right now anyway).

Joyride Run Flyknit: $180 $101+

Joyride Dual Run: $130 $81

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