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Our Favorite Basic T-Shirts Are on Sale Now

Style upgrades starts with the essentials.


Along with socks and underwear, the t-shirt is the foundation staple of any basic wardrobe. But unlike those necessaries that go hidden beneath boots and jeans, the t-shirt stands above and on its own, in plain view for all to see. A t-shirt can make a statement, and what that statement says is up to the wearer. It could say, “I like my shirts the same as my hotdogs — bought in packs of ten and covered in mustard,” or it could say something more refined. Something like, “I value sustainable materials and recognize smart style cues and put a premium on comfort.” It could even add in a knowing wink, because right now Jungmaven’s extra-soft tees, made with sustainably grown hemp and organic cotton, are currently on sale for up to 48% off.

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