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The Best Deals of the Week

These are all the deals you might’ve missed this week, but don’t worry — thanks to our roundup, you still have the chance to save.


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Shoei RF-1200 Flagger Helmet
Save 25%: Even at a little over two years old, the Shoei RF-1200 Flagger remains one of the best all-around helmets you can buy. Whether it’s commuting, hitting the track or going for a long weekend ride, the RF-1200 Flagger provides the comfort, aerodynamics and style to fit the bill and now you can save $140 on one. — Bryan Campbell

Buy Now: $849 $550

Instant Pot

Instant Pot Lux 8-Quart
Save %10In 2016, Instant Pot touched a nerve. Just another Amazon Deal of the Day, its Duo model was marked 30 percent off. This is the moment Instant Pot became regular kitchen gear vernacular.

Though it had been simmering since its 2010 release, it was still a very niche product. Since its ascension, virtually every marker of utter dominance in a product category has cropped up — companies high and low have made their own multicookers (Ninja, All-Clad and dozens more), marketers dub new kitchen gadgets “The Instant Pot of…” whatever space it falls in to and products adjacent to it are obliterating their own corners of the product world (Instant Pot cookbooks took up two of the top five best-selling cookbooks of 2018, for example).

And on the eve of the eventual release of a new Instant Pot (now expected sometime in the fall), older models’ prices have dropped. Older models like the Lux, the stripped back, less flashy Instant Pot (it’s still capable of slow cooking, rice cooking, warming, steaming and sautéeing).

More notably is the price relative to the size of this particular model — the Lux 8-quart (the largest size Instant Pot is offered across all models) is under $100. The popular 4- and 6-quart sizes, while good, do not have the capacity to prepare dinner for families or groups of more than three or four. The 8-quart most certainly does (though countertop real estate will be challenged in doing so), and last week its price to $99. — Will Price

Buy Now: $110 $99


Anker Soundcore Flare Speaker
Save 36%: Anker does everything pretty well — we’re big fans of their portable chargers here at GP — and the brand’s Soundcore audio line definitely can’t be ignored.

With Anker’s renowned build quality and thought-out design features (like an IP67 water/impact resistance rating, a linking function to connect with other Anker speakers and a whopping 12-hour battery life), this speaker is a great value at its MSRP of $70. Today, it’s a can’t-miss deal for only $45.

Buy Now: $70 $45


Lodge Cast-Iron Skillets
Save Up to 40%There is no upper limit on things you can cook in a cast-iron skillet. Yes, it specializes in creating an ideal environment for the most wonderful, crusty sears, but it isn’t one-dimensional. Bake in them, fry in them, make sauces in them and just generally abuse the shit out of them — after all, cast-iron skillets are the most frugal cookware you can buy, in that the cheapest options work plenty well (the same can’t be said for stainless steel).

Lodge’s cheap skillets are, for the most part, the cheapest, and are still made in its South Pittsburgh, Tennessee factory (the same town it was founded in more than 100 years ago). Though known now as mega purveyors of budget-friendly, well seasoned cast-iron skillets, Lodge’s success is sort of astonishing.

Cast-iron cookware dominated domestic kitchens of America through the 19th century and into the 20th, but most were made at smaller scales and included a great many craftspeople in the manufacturing process (primarily in the department of smoothing the skillet’s cooking surface). The rise of industrialization saw most of these makers die off or consolidate — even the likes of Griswold and Wagner, which are now collector’s items.

By the end of World War II most cast-iron manufacturers were gone — steel was the material du jour in American kitchens. Prized for the relative ease of the manufacturing process and easy upkeep. By way of technological innovation, smart business practices and adjustments to the manufacturing process, Lodge has outlasted everyone in the field. It’s now country’s single large scale manufacturer of cast-iron pans.

From the $4 3.5-inch skillet to a more useful $15 10.25-inch skillet to its behemoth 15-inch skillet, Lodge’s entire lineup of skillets is on sale on Amazon right now, marked down up to 40 percent off. — Will Price

Learn More: Here


Made in the Shade
These Persol Sunglasses Are Just $100L If you want to pick up a new pair of Persols, but don’t want to drain your savings, head over to Nordstrom Rack. Currently, three pairs of metal-frame shades are 71 percent off and cost just $100 — you’ll save $250 on each pair.— John Zientek

Buy Now: $350 $100


Bonobos’ Final Sale
Save an extra 40 percent Now that summer has come to a close, it’s a good idea to spruce up your current wardrobe. It doesn’t have to be a paycheck-draining endeavor, and if you shop at Bonobos, you can save an extra 40 percent on already reduced merchandise. Just use the code STEAL at checkout to take advantage of the substantial discount on trousers, shirts, suits and more. — John Zientek

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Todd Snyder Chambray Sport Shirt
Save 50%: There’s a reason the chambray shirt became a wardrobe staple. The indigo-dyed cotton button-up style is breathable, tough and versatile. Though it came to prominence in the US as a work shirt, it became popular with men of all professions through the latter half of the twentieth century. Now at Nordstrom, you can save 50 percent on a well-made chambray shirt from Todd Snyder. Unlike most chambray shirts, this is made from a lightweight, durable linen-cotton blend that is appropriate for all seasons. This style is made in Portugal and features a button-down collar, curved hem and chest pocket. Available in sizes Small through XX-Large, it now costs just $79. — John Zientek

Buy Now: $158 $79

Black Diamond

Black Diamond Spot Headlamp
Save 27%: Last year, before heading down to the southern tip of South America with nothing more than a one-way ticket and a backpack, I bought Black Diamond’s Spot headlamp to take along for the journey. At the time, all I cared about was the fact that it was waterproof, didn’t have one of those back-of-the-head battery packs and cost about $40. Countless nights spent in a tent later, and the Spot is still my favorite headlamp. Along with the 40-ounce water bottle I carry everywhere, it has earned a permanent place in my pack whenever I head out for an adventure.

Beyond all that, the Spot is just plain economical. If I take a fall and accidentally crush the thing, I won’t be heartbroken that I just lost an expensive piece of gear. I’ll just go pick up a new one, because until something more practical comes around, I don’t have to think about my choice when it comes to choosing a headlamp. — Tanner Bowden

Buy Now: $40 $29



Bonavita 8-Cup Coffee Maker
Save 30%We, and other websites writing about coffee, write a great deal on what are largely alternative brewing methods — pour over, cold brew, instant and so on. For most people, this is useless. The king of home coffee brewing is the drip coffee maker, as it has been for decades.

Dive deeper into the SCA’s standards and it will become even more clear why so few achieve this certification, or, pick up Bonavita 8-cup drip coffee maker, which is on sale at the lowest price we’ve ever seen it, $91. It goes without saying, but you probably don’t need to do much in the way of vetting in this case. — Will Price

Buy Now: $132 $92


Waterproof Boots from Hunter
Save up to 46%: With unpredictable fall weather in the not-to-distant future, you’d be well-advised to pick up a pair of waterproof boots if you haven’t done so already. While there are many options on the market, few have a UK-based Hunter has been making functional rubber boots for over 150 years. Founded in 1856 as the North British Rubber Company, Hunter was the go-to for foul-weather footwear for British soldiers during the World Wars and became a civilian staple in the post-war decades. Now at Nordstrom Rack, you can pick a range of waterproof boots from the brand for at least 42 percent off. The styles feature gusseted welting, quick-dry lining, padded insoles and grippy outsoles. The best part? The classic waterproof styles look good with a range of clothing and are appropriate for daily wear both in and out of the city. — John Zientek

Learn More: Here


Feedback Sports Bike Stand
Save $44: We cyclists love our bike shops and mechanics, and there’s no problem with paying an expert to do an expert job on the more technical stuff. But shelling out $20 or more every time we need a minor adjustment? That adds up fast. It can quickly become worthwhile to do at least some of our own maintenance work at home.

And, while you could technically work on your bike while it’s leaned against a wall or flipped upside down (though we’d urge you not to do this), there’s nothing like a good bike stand to make the work easier. Specifically a bike stand that’s well-made and comes in at a reasonable price — like this sturdy model from Feedback Sports.

You can adjust the height on this particular stand from 42″ to 65″, rotate the mounting clamp to work from any angle and fold the unit down into a slim 12.5-pound package when it’s not in use to transport it or store it away. Best of all, the stand can support bikes that weigh up to 65 pounds. So whether you ride an ultra-light carbon road bike, a downhill mountain bike or a steel-framed fat bike with all the accessories possible, this piece of gear is up to the task.

Buy Now: $170 $126


Oliver Peoples Sunglasses
Save up to 73%: If you’ve been waiting for an end-of-season sale to invest in a new pair of quality sunglasses, this is your chance. Nordstrom Rack is currently offering up to 73 percent off a range of Italian-made shades from Oliver Peoples. At the sale, you can pick up both acetate and metal framed styles from the cult-favorite LA brand for just $100 — that’s savings of up to $265. — John Zientek

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Snow Peak Outdoor Apparel
Save 55%: Decades after its founding in the 1950s, Snow Peak pivoted from producing technical mountaineering gear to more general fare for camping. It’s how the company became known for items like a stainless steel coffee prep set, a modular grill table and the titanium mugs that the company is known for. More recently, Snow Peak began producing apparel. Each piece is made with an eye for style as well as function, using materials like ventile, a high-density fabric made from 100 percent extra-long-staple cotton that was first used in the immersion suits worn by British fighter pilots during WWII, as well as performance-oriented synthetics like Dermizax.

Snow Peak is currently offering many of its 2018 styles for 50 percent off, but when you enter the code JUS4FMF at checkout you’ll receive an extra 10 percent off that. — Tanner Bowden

Buy Now: Here


Jungmaven Hemp Tees Sale
Save 15% Summer tees are an easy base layer to help you slowly transition into a new season. While the weather is figuring out exactly what it’s doing (Is it summer? Is it fall? Why is it raining every day?) a basic t-shirt is helpful to navigate 80-degree weather in a torrential downpour. The best ones made from a slightly heavy-duty fabric feels silky smooth when you slip it on and wicks away any sweat. You can wear it hiking, to soccer games, tailgating and maybe even wear it to the office. Jungmaven uses hemp to make some of the softest shirts out there — and we’re big fans.

Starting with the first wear, you’ll enjoy the worn-in feel, classic fit and breathable fabric. Born in the USA, each tee has a mix of 55-percent hemp and 45-percent cotton to provide a weightier feel that’s wearable in all four seasons. Right now you can pick from a short sleeve or long sleeve option in a variety of colors — each for 15 percent off. — Meg Lappe

Tee: $48 $40Long Sleeve: $60 $50


Sonos Playbar
Save $150: The Sonos Playbar has been around for years, yet it’s still a great wall-mounted soundbar for anybody who wants to link their TV’s audio with the rest of their Sonos speakers (either in a multi-room system or a multi-channel home theater system). It’s not integrated with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant like the Sonos One or the company’s newest soundbar, the Sonos Beam ($399), which also can be wall mounted, but that could be a good thing for some people – not everybody wants to talk to their speakers (or have their speakers listen to them). Despite being a few years old the Sonos Playbar is still fairly expensive – Amazon and Sonos still sell the Playbar for $699. However, Sonos is currently selling refurbished models of its Playbar for $549, which is a pretty good deal for anybody looking for a solid Sonos soundbar.

Buy Now: $699 $549



Tekto’s Takt Mini Urban Camo Knife
For a sturdy and compact daily knife option, Tekto Gear has plenty to choose from. The Takt Mini Urban Camo is a strong and durable sliding knife with a serrated blade that measures 2.75-inches. Its operation is equipped with the latest spring technology that is manufactured in the US. The design and materials of the Takt Mini make the knife feel substantial, yet light enough for everyday carry.

This commendable EDC automatic knife is currently available exclusively to Gear Patrol readers with a 15% discount when you enter the code GP15 at checkout.

Note: Owning and carrying an automatic knife isn’t legal in every state due to the Federal Switchblade Act. You can check how the law works in your state here.

Learn More: Here


Orient Bambino Small Seconds
Save up to $175 For years, the Orient Bambino has been a favorite amongst enthusiasts of affordable watches for the style and value it offers at its exceptionally low price point. It’s also a watch that’s undergone many changes over the years, with various colors, designs and sizes offered. The latest iteration of the Bambino introduces many firsts to the model, including a small-seconds hand and Arabic numerals, and now you can get it at a healthy discount at Massdrop. Five references are available, including three in stainless steel and two with gold plating. The stainless steel versions are just $160 right now, while the gold-plating adds on a $20 premium; a $170 and $175 drop from MSRP, respectively. — Andrew Connor

Buy Now: $330+ $160+


Bean Boot Sale
Save 20% If you grew up anywhere in the Northeast, you can likely list off a variety of friends and family members that don L.L. Bean’s bean boot as soon as the weather changes. My family swears by this iconic boot for thunderstorms, rainy Columbus Day work weekends (got to get the house ready for winter!), and further down the line, tree cutting. A pair of Bean Boots has been in practically every family Christmas card since 1991. The Bean Boot is a classic for a reason — it prevents that wet feet-feeling thanks to an impressive rubber bottom and an instantly recognizable leather upper. If you’re a hunter, these boots will do the trick. Over the years, not much has changed besides the variety of colored leather options (dark or light, and sometimes grey), and the interior lining of Thinsulate or without. Pick from a boat shoe, 6-inch, 8-inch, or something a bit more Chelsea-boot inspired. The L.L. Bean Boot world is your oyster.

Enter code RAIN20 at checkout to save 20 percent.
— Meg Lappe

Buy Now: $135 $108


East Dane’s Event of the Season Sale
Buy More, Save More East Dane is helping to take some of the sting out of shopping for cooler weather. The site’s Event of the Season sale lets shoppers take 20 percent off orders under $500 and 25 percent off orders over $500. The sale applies to both full-price and already discounted items. All you have to do to take advantage of the sale is to use the code STOCKUP18 at checkout. And act fast: the sale ends on Sunday, September 30.— Justin Fenner

Learn More: Here


Blackyak Sibu Hooded Active Down Jacket Sale
Save 50% If you’re like us, this weird in-between weather season is just enough of an annoyance that we’re already looking forward to cooler temperatures. Are you already in the midst of planning fall and winter adventures? What perfect timing! Now is ideal to stock up on winter staples and splurges, especially given that items tend to be on sale. The Blackyak Sibu Hooded active down jacket is one of the best down jackets out there — we awarded it our ‘Most Durable for Outdoor Pursuits,’ in this year’s down jacket testing. Originally $700, the jacket is just $350 right now. But hurry, there aren’t many sizes left.
— Meg Lappe

Buy Now: $700 $350


Weber Q-2200 Grill
Save $41Ask anybody — including me — what to look for in a small grill and you’re pretty likely to get a single name in response: Weber.

The Q2200 is marked down to its lowest price ever on Amazon today — $41 off its current SRP, and more than $100 off where it was this time last year. Its size is such that it’ll hold roughly 9 to 10 burgers (the average burger occupies roughly 20-square inches of cooking space) and its convenience is such that the hassle of setting up and taking down a tailgate is drastically minimized. — Will Price

Buy Now: $249 $208



Levi’s Fall Sale
Take 30% off Orders of $100+L It’s mindbogglingly easy to spend $100 on clothing these days. But thanks to Levi’s, you can get $100 worth of value for a fair amount less right now. The American denim giant is offering 30 percent off orders of $100 and more from now until Tuesday, October 2. Just make sure to add the code FALL30 when you check out.— Justin Fenner

Learn More: Here


Todd Snyder Tech Trenchcoat Half-Off
Trenchcoats have endured as a fall style staple because they manage to protect from both wind and rain while still maintaining a polished look. That’s why we were excited to see that Todd Snyder’s Tech Trenchcoat is currently marked down to $300 from an original price of $600. — JD DiGiovanni

Buy Now: $600 $300


Fall Footwear from Urban Outfitters
Save 20%: There’s a lot more to fall footwear than rain boots and waterproof leather. Kick it up a notch this year with Urban Outfitters’ on-sale offerings, which include a broad selection of high-tops, low-tops, boots and mocs to help you look great (even when the rest of your outfit is hidden under a rain jacket). You’ll find just every style imaginable in the retailer’s 20% off sale. — Andy Frakes

Learn More: Here


Reebok Fall Sale
Save 50% Walk into a gym or Crossfit box anywhere, and you’re going to spot a pair of Reebok Nanos. CrossFit athletes are incredibly loyal and so they’ll either pick up Reebok Nanos or Nike Metcons — it all depends what works for them and what all their new friends are wearing. The Nano 2.0 is already marked down to $105, and when you use code FALLBACK at checkout, you can snag a pair of these for just $53. There’s a variety of other gym shoes, apparel and running sneakers as well, so be sure to hop over to Reebok to check it out. — Meg Lappe

Buy Now: $110 $53


Italian-Made Saint Laurent Sunglasses
Save up to 67%: Dominated by the same aviator- and Wayfarer-inspired designs, the sunglasses market can seem a bit uninspired at times. If you’ve been yearning for a frame that breaks from the status quo, consider a style from Saint Laurent. The Parisian fashion house offers a range of distinct sunglasses, all crafted in Italy. From a combination acetate-metal round style to a chunky Havana-acetate square silhouette, these well-made shades are anything but bland. And now at Nordstrom Rack, some of these sunglasses are up to 67 percent off while supplies last — that’s savings of $245. — John Zientek

Learn More: Here



Italian-Made Wayfarers
Save 60%: This specific model features nylon frames rather than acetate, lending to a more lightweight and flexible feel when worn, plus a slightly more rounded profile than the original Wayfarer design. These qualities lend to a modern look that’s right at home with any style under the sun — and if you’re under the sun, you’ll want these on your face. — Andy Frakes

Buy Now: $153 $60


Vuori Sale
Save 15% The Sunday transit joggers are my ideal sweatpant. In true Vuori form, these sweats are so much more than a sleek pant to pull on when you finally trash your old college sweats. Founder Joe Kudla named the company after the Finnish word for mountain, and you’d be hardpressed to find a piece that won’t perform as well as look great on the side of any high peak. These joggers are simultaneously stylish for running errands, high-performing enough for workouts, yet still cozy for Monday night football. Pick up a pair today and you can save 15 percent. Pick up the corresponding zip hoodie or pullover, and stock up on workout shorts and shirts on Huckberry. — Meg Lappe

Buy Now: $89 $75


The Perfect Gray T-Shirt Is on Sale
Save 46% Like underwear, jeans and khakis, t-shirts are one of those items that are so so widely available that it can be a little overwhelming to choose just one. Luckily, a great option from Alternative Apparel that normally retails for $24 is just $13 right now.— Justin Fenner

Learn More: Here


Patagonia Rain Jacket Sale
Save $70 When it rains, you have two defenses: a jacket and an umbrella. No matter where you fall on the spectrum of hating or loving umbrellas, we can all agree that a hard-working rain jacketis imperative during this time of year. It’s pretty much the only way to stay relatively dry while you’re commuting, heading out to meet friends or even hiking. The Patagonia stretch rainshadow jacket does all that, and more. Right now this jacket is $71 off its original price in two rich blue colors. — Meg Lappe

Buy Now: $179 $108

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