Your Everyday Carry Is Missing This Vintage-Inspired Lighter

The Akomplice Trench Lighter is fashioned after those supposedly crafted and used by soldiers in World War I and is an instant EDC upgrade.


Soldiers in World War I supposedly crafted lighters from spent bullet cases while in the trenches. While this story is debated among collectors, one thing we do know is that Akomplice’s Trench Lighter looks just like these original cigarette lighters with its machined brass, artillery-case inspired design. And, it even takes nods from WWI in how it functions: the Trench Lighter conceals its flame, something supposedly in place as a way to hide the light from potential snipers while in the trenches.

The Akomplice Trench Lighter measures 3 inches tall and features a wind-guard and characteristic striker mechanism. It takes standard liquid lighter fluid to ensure you’ll have this durable number for a lifetime. And thanks to Urban EDC Supply you can get 10 percent off the Akomplice Trench Lighter by using the discount code GP10. We’d say that’s an upgrade to whatever disposable lighter you have in your pocket.

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